Guardian: "Army Comes Top For Public Sector Gender Equality"


Kit Reviewer
Oh **** no. I'm all for Gentleman's Gentlemen, Dorii, People of Colour and the like. Welcome one and all. But I draw the line at ****ing Guardian readers saying nice things about us.
The RAF RSS is about to be overworked with tales of dering do, up de the up up and gender equality.

You've let the side down chaps, the RAF Media Ops have just been told... all 10,000 of them.
Further supports the notion that the Army is a genuine meritocracy where the best genuinely rise to the top irrespective of the boxes they tick on an diversity questionnaire. The chattering classes of Islington will be disappointed.
How ****ing embarrassing.

We go from a thread about invading most of the world one day to toadying to it the next.

I've already had a septic take the piss (same one who bet me $10 Romney would win, so retribution)

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