Guard your local War Memorial.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AIR FILTER, Oct 31, 2011.

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  1. Sad news to report, but it looks like heartless tea leaves are now targeting War Memorials for their metal content and financial worth.

    Linky ...... Rapid rise in thefts from war memorials - Telegraph

    This is a most disgraceful act that even the underworld would frown upon, and in my opinion should carry a mandatory prison sentence for the scum caught doing this.
  2. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    And if the press is correct,forthcoming attacks from Islamic traitors.
  3. I'm willing to sign up for anti-pikey stag, provided I get an SLR and adequately robust ROE.
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  4. Seems not!
  5. Topical thread, nothing new (no offence OP) as this happened in Guz back in 2008.
    War memorial bronze plaques stolen by scrap metal thieves - Telegraph

    "A scandalous and unforgivable desecration" but I have the belief that foreign travellers are not averse to this filthy work. Incomers/benefit tourists helped themselves to most of the longstanding and irreplaceable metal hanging on Plymouth's walls. While Plymouth councilors and Developers smashed up the city.
  6. This would be solved over night if the greedy ***** who run the scrappies were legally required to ask for proof of ID and record who sells them each load and if they faced harsh punishments for buying what they know perfectly well is stolen scrap.
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  7. There should be some sort of mandatory (harsh) punishment for any sort of vandalism or desecration of specified types of listed buildings and monuments (churches, archaeological sites, memorials, etc).

    Trouble is, the Police and justice system don't seem to treat these crimes at all seriously. I posted elsewhere on my fruitless experience of trying to get the police to come to where a church was just about to be stripped - but all the operator would do was "make a note on our database"... useless...
  8. Rations supplied by wolfgang?
  9. Have you any idea the Policing that would take? Whose to say the scrappy isn't the one doing the thieving?
  10. I agree j_b_m, but I also suspect that many of those requirements are already contained in the existing legislation. Harsher enforcement may be necessary.
  11. Good point jbm, ...... Automatic pokie for any scrap merchant caught aiding & abetting in this merchandise.

    Government .... Take note and act now!
  12. I'm only going if I my Yellow Cards states the following:

    1. You may open fire on a pikey in the following circumstances:

    a. He (or she) smells.
    b. They look at you in a suspicious manner
    c. They are carrying anything which you think may be used as a weapon (example: empty Special Brew Can).
    d. They are driving a white van which may or may not have "County Driveways" written on the sides.
    e. There is only one of them.
    f. There are more than one of them.
    g. One, all or none is wearing a Free Dale Farm T-shirt/Sweatshirt
    h. They talk in tongues (English and all variants may be classified as tongues as does any other language).

    2. It is at your own discretion on whether you should bury them in a shallow grave or pour petrol on them and set fire to them.
    3. You promise not to claim "compo" for PTSD after you have killed them.
    4. You will be paid on the amount of pikeys you despatch so remember to keep a memento of the occasion. (photographs will suffice but a black and wizened tooth would be better).
    5. You will not go onto Arrse and request a medal for carrying out what was simply your duty.
    6. You will be allowed to buy a medal commemorating this event from e-Bay but you will not be allowed to wear it at official parades.

    If you adhere to the above instructions, you will not face prosecution.
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  13. Instead of spying on shoppers in town centres , perhaps local authorities could redirect some resources to war memorials , especially around remembrance tide. That would at least be one good use of taxes ;)
  14. How much did that session cost? I usually... mmm My friend usually get a Woman to do the spanking, but whatver floats your boat.
    Can you sit down yet?
  15. Claymore tripwired to the back of any metal on the memorial? knida like what rambo does to the bomb in the most recent film. blast is directed so little damage to the memorial but a much better deterent than smart water.

    Pikey Scum - ta te ta ah get that bronze plaque up quick lads.

    *tink ....... BANG!*

    old bill - allo allo allo whats going on here then (inspects grass newly fertalised with bits of pikey)