Standing proudly in line, old soldiers turned out yesterday to support a woman who has become their heroine.

Julie Lake is accused of slapping a teenager she believed had vandalised a war memorial.

She was given the guard of honour by more than 30 members of the local Royal British Legion branch before she appeared in front of a magistrates’ court.

Mrs Lake, of Mangotsfield, near Bristol, denied two counts of common assault, one charge of criminal damage and one of using threatening words and behaviour.

Crown prosecutor Julie Copland said that Lake, aged 50, is alleged to have confronted two boys near a remembrance cross in Mangotsfield on December 11 last year.

She is accused of assaulting both boys and damaging a BMX bicycle belonging to one of the youths.

Lake was represented by celebrity lawyer Nick Freeman – dubbed Mr Loophole – who said his client denied all the charges and elected to be tried before North Avon magistrates at Yate in south Gloucestershire.

The case was then adjourned to March 28, when a trial date will be fixed, and Lake was given unconditional bail.

Mr Freeman, who is offering his services for free, has helped clients including Sir Alex Ferguson, David Beckham and Jeremy Clarkson following allegations of motoring offences.

He said: “I took the case because I sympathise and empathise with her plight. My client denies all the charges.”

Lake, the daughter of a World War Two fighter pilot, was later applauded by the members of the British Legion’s Staple Hill branch as she left court.

well done that lady and the local RBL
Henry_Tombs said:
I do believe the tide is turning away from "chavism"; I shall look forward to the trial, if it gets that far!
Indeed so, and if it does, I hope the jury do whats right but not necessarily proper.
If anyone is in the area and able to go on the 28th March this will give her a boost and hopefully be picked up by the press and TV.
T4U2 said:
If anyone is in the area and able to go on the 28th March this will give her a boost and hopefully be picked up by the press and TV.
Is this going to be the next ARRSE 'project'? I'm up for it :D
DarkBlueLoggie said:
hate to say it, but well done that lawyer too for giving his services free of charge.

Just moved his name onto the Mercy List for the Purges that will take place after the Glorious ARRSE Coup! :twisted:
Well done. But, it should have been the little sh1ts that were in the dock instead, so that they could learn some respect.
Why oh why are the Crown Prosecution Service wasting tax payers money pursuing this case. There will be an almighty public out cry if it does go to court. And I'll be there to stamp my feet and pull out my hair (difficult! because I is going thin)
Werewolf, good call mate. I'll also make sure that the brief and defendant do not have to buy a single drink at the opening of the new Mess, post the glorious coup!
Are the 'scrotes', the leprous spawn of Blair's hell, the filth masquerading as Britain's future, to be charged? Of course not.

Tough on Crime and Tough on the Victims of Crime; perpetrators go free.
Philosophy of T. Bliar.
I am too hacked off to write anything. Oh bollocks to it.

Batter the offending fekkers to within 1 breath of expiry

Give the lady the freedom of the city

Start a revolution to stop this country sliding into the toilet.

Pains me to say it, but i think i'd rather be governed by Sarkozy than anything on offer in the UK. Careful to point out - i'd not want to be a frog though!

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