Guard Duty

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Army_Rizzle, Aug 31, 2007.

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  1. Go to Bordon on Monday for phase 2 and I'm gueesing Ive got to do a fair bit of guard duty in the first few weeks. Whats it like, I can imagine very boring.
  2. Standing at the gate, lifting a barrier up & down, really exciting stuff. bet you can't wait.

  3. Sounds like great fun, I literly and briming with excitement....
  4. GUARD DUTY ?????

    i hated it..
    how long can i make it last around the camp perimiter ??
    who can i get into shit ??
    am i going to get in the shit for missing somthing that has been planted??

    am i going to stay in the guard room after the duty ??(it has happened)
  5. They plant stuff?

    I thought it was mearly a case of standing at the gate for 2 hours?
  6. Weather forecast for Bordon Camp:

    Rain on Sat 9th (day), Tues 11th (night), Wed12th (day), Wed 11th (night).

    Temperatures generally not too bad.

    You lucky, lucky barsteward!
  7. no mate..
    we used to have a R.S.M who used to leave suspicios objects about the place to see if the camp guard would report it..
    if they did not then the whole duty would find they had extra,s

    looking for holes in the fence..
    checking the security of buildings (ammo compound armoury and such like)


    dont forget the fire piquet as well..
  8. It's what you make of it. first time is a novelty, after that it's p1sh.

    Take a good book, some DVD's and a DVD player, guardroom will have a TV. You might even get to march bad lads up to scoff and back. Bonus!

    You may get a guardbox from the cookhouse containing, chess possessed, hard boiled eggs, a lump of boiled ham, stale bread, milk, teabags, coffee and sugar.
  9. The good old box of delights the guard box, lol
  10. Did fire piquet in phase 1 , what a load of boll*cks. Used to hate it, can see guard duty being the worst thing since unsliced bread.
  11. 99% of the time it's sh!te, but on the odd occation you get to put out real fires with the fire piquet equipment.

    Or you may even find some lads and lasses bonking in the back of a 4 tonne on one of the vehicle parks.

    Or a fight in the NAAFI bar on most nights of the week.
  12. I've stagged on, and commanded the guard duty plenty of times at Bordon in the past, you'll love it!

    You'll have the main gate, the patrols, and the Officers mess 1/2 a mile down the road to man also.

    Some would call it "living the dream"
  13. I've done it once at a range, Chickerall, Weymouth, more sentry than anything. I was with my mate who was due to go to Harrogate a few weeks later.

    Some men approached.. WOW! Finally.. PEOPLE. Walking the dog.. we were doing clay pidgeon shooting and no-one was allowed past us.

    So.. the men approached and my mate goes "Sorry lads, you can't come past here."
    They walked straight past, I laughed.. but we had nothing in our power to stop them (as measley, smelly, monging cadets).

    Just buy some pot noodles :)
  14. Oh, when you get really bored (and it will happen!), and you're on the officers mess gate, you can spend time looking for the bullet hole from an ND in the gate post (dumb Recce mech some years ago whilst I was there, forgotten his name though)

    Hint, it's on the left hand side of the gate.
  15. I'll keep this in mind lol.