"Guard Duties" to much for you???

Does that mean I will be entitled to counselling for all those nights spent stagging on in the fatherland defending the west from the Soviet hordes, and my resting colleagues from Mick and Paddy et al?
Not a bad idea, I recall stagging on for a week at a time and I think some sort of 'reintegration' was needed... albeit a few pints in the bar. You've all seen blokes letting their hair down in the bar after a long time stagging on.

For he olympics some of these coppers will be on duty, if not actual stag for the duration, run up and run down.
wait for it, the overtime claims will be in, in grand style during, then after the event, watch for the number of sickies pulled due to reintegration problems. Britains finest - you are taking the p*ss.
I think firefighters should take over. One squirt from the hose and this moving hazard to the health and safety of unsuspecting members of the public will be over.
If you read the article, he simply said that re-integration was being planned, and the Met had those services available if required.

In fairness, if you've just spent 3 months going non-stop around the country in the middle of a global media spotlight, mixing with all sorts of high profile people, then going back to form filling or traffic duties might take some getting used to.
The police guard for the 70-day Olympic torch relay will be offered psychological counselling to help them "reintegrate" after the event.
So are 'they' saying that they're expecting the coppers on duty to get so big time over guarding a bloody torch procession that going back to their 'normal' job of being a copper afterwards is going to be a catastrophic let-down?
Reading between the lines are 'they' worried that this might be a cause for litigation?
Bunch of slack **** pigs
Well, I hope they keep a box of matches handy. You wouldn't want to be known as the copper who let the flame go out. They probably would need the counselling if they let that happen.
Being a member of the professional guarding service that is the MPGS :nod: (stop laughing now!) I can understand the need for counselling and re-integration. Many is the time I've refused myself entry to my own home because my car pass is out of date.:|
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