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Discussion in 'Juniors' started by topcat, Jul 17, 2004.

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  1. Just Curios?

    Just wanted to know if any of you have come across the "New" Armed guards
    of the Military Provost Guard service yet and what you think of them?

    I understand that they have been taking over the Guard Duties across the army and are also taking over guarding for the RAF and Navy.

    I am interested to find out how they have been recieved, I understand that all of the guys are ex regulars. I believe that they are Live Armed and that this is there full time job.

    From my reasearch so far I believe that although they Come under the command of the Provost marshall they have no police role.

    Looking at the site I think I might even be tempted to apply..
  3. Juat been at Shiney ARRse central(worthy down)
    Yes they are live armed and all ex-regs,most are time served snco's
    and i believe they have same powers as any guard on their normal guard duty. I'm not sure as to their powers of arrest,
    Is this a foot in the door for SECURICOR or GROUP4? :?
  4. Believe their pay is cr@p.....unless you are topping up an immediate pension. :twisted:
  5. I've always been led to believe that they are on the same rates as the rest of us. As they are technically still serving, can they draw pension (if they had the entitlement)? I also understand that the rank system on joining is a bit strange, you don't keep your former rank?

    Looks cushty though. Youir CV could read:

    Guard duties?........done 'em.
    Combats?..........worn 'em.
    ID cards?.........checked them.
    Barriers?..........lifted 'em.
    Sentry boxes?..........knocked one out in 'em.
    Pished Guardroom matresses?.........slept in 'em.
    Scab packs?.............sent the duty driver for a pizza.

    I might just apply when I go.
  6. You don't need a CV, normally decent service record, no medical problems - you still the BPFA and a call to the MPGS Worthy Down will get you started. If there is vacancy in your chosen area you'll be load ASAP onto the "Stag on course" and then off too your Unit. By the way one of the said requirements is the ability too address officers and thier wifes correctly.
  7. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    what, "Oi, rupert! where'd you get her from?" Somthing like that? :D
  8. Now that it has been mentioned... what is the modern days army bpfa???
  9. Equivalent rate of pay for rank (Pte to Sgt, not sure of top rank) and 5% of X factor is what they get. Not a bad deal, as opposed to what I said earlier.

    Do they get barrack block accn, or FQs? Can't imagine it would be easy to live comfortably in the South East!
  10. The money seesm OK. What the fcuk do the Sgts and above do? Surely they don't stag on?

    What happens to your pension?
  11. Met a couple of blokes in Gib who are in the Royal Gibraltar Regiment who had transfered there from other Inf regiments(these guys are from the UK as opposed to locals from Gib),they get the same pay,but have brought villas in Spain for a snip 40 miles up the coast and drive to work everyday,the problem is theres **** all promotion because no ****** wants to leave the RGR,there were 5 vacancies this year,a waiting list of 150!
    Nice work if you can get it!
  12. If you earned it you keep it! Taxable of course!

    I joined the TA & Prison Service and Income Tax related problems were hell..... No such thing as a coshy top up!!!

    If you really want to know more contact:

    Headquarters Provost Marshal (Army)
    MPGS Recruiting WingAGC Centre
    Building 22
    Worthy Down
    SO21 2RG

    Telephone: (01962) 887113 (24 hrs Answer phone)
    Fax: (01962) 887599
    Mark subject heading: MPGS ENQUIRY
  13. Fcuk that I get 40 plus stats


    I can just see all the Army barmy WO's Stagging on till they drop dead at 55 :)
  14. Promotion through the ranks to a maximum of WOII. Duties for a WOII can include garrison security WO and defence platoon commander. Sergeants and staffies will not stag on.... what a thought. They should have stagged on when I was in though... 8)