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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by putteesinmyhands, Jun 21, 2013.

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  1. I needed to send some important original documents through the post so went to the Post Office on Wednesday afternoon and told the bloke behind the counter, "I want this to arrive by tomorrow and I need proof of posting." I didn't tell him that I actually had a Friday deadline - I was leaving 24 hours breathing space in case Royal Mail cocked up, allowing me time to print off scanned copies and take them personally (they wouldn't be originals as required but, with the proof of posting, at least it would show good intent on my part).

    I was duly offered their "Guaranteed by 1pm next day delivery with Track and Trace." Sounded good, so I handed over the envelope, paid my £6.25 and wandered off.

    Yesterday, as a result of a nagging doubt, I decided to check on the progress of the documents. At 1pm, the on-line track and trace registered that they had been received at the post office and were somewhere in the system. Uh oh. They should have been delivered by then. Now, I'm a fairly lenient and understanding sort of bloke. Postman Pat might have phoned in sick so the document could have been tagged onto Postman Fred's round, delaying it. Or his van could have had a puncture. Or maybe the system takes a while to record a successful delivery. Besides, I wasn't worried about it arriving by 1pm, I'd stipulated Thursday and anytime on Thursday would have done.

    I rechecked at about 6pm and received the same information - still in the system. Starting to worry now. I checked the Royal Mail website, finding a caveat that the item had to be posted before the "final acceptance time". No information was forthcoming about when that time was but a glance at my receipt indicated "Posted after last collection - No".

    At 10pm, the Track and Trace message indicated that the documents had progressed further through the system and "would be delivered by the guaranteed time of 1pm on Friday". This triggered emergency action planning - as it would take me about three hours to make the journey in person and another three hours to print off and collate the documents, I had a deadline of 11am for the Track and Trace to confirm delivery. Even then, if the recipient decided to be snooty about them not being originals, I could end up with a consequential loss close to the Royal Mail's £10,000 compensation maximum.

    I checked Track and Trace this morning to be presented with the joyful notification that the documents had been delivered and signed for a few hours earlier, "before the guaranteed time of 1pm".

    Now just a minute. The guaranteed time may well have been 1pm, but the guaranteed day was Thursday, not Friday. And the points of despatch and receipt were both on the Greenwich meridian, so no excuse of crossing the International Date Line.

    So, a warning that if you're posting important documents by a Royal Mail guaranteed service, take into account that their calendar doesn't follow the Gregorian format.
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  2. You may be unduly concerned....

    They don't update their systems as well as they should.

    Can you not ring the recipient and ask if they have them?
  3. Ahem...

  4. FrosteeMARIA

    FrosteeMARIA LE Gallery Guru

    You should at least get a partial refund!
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  5. Puttees, have you considered a courier/parcel service? They can be cost effective and reliable.
  6. Strange,I send parcels/letters all over the UK,First Class/signed for,normally 24 hours,or less.

    If you want it to get there quickly,then send it 'Special Delivery' guaranteed by 13:00 the following day,it's always worked for me! :mrgreen:
  7. If I'm not mistaken, your advice comes under the category of "WAH!"
  8. I had this recently with an item from Amazon, paid for a service that their agent,The PO, had failed to honour. No problem with a full refund. Of course that's Amazon customer service who, IME, give a shit... if not much tax.
  9. I did. I chose the Royal Mail one. As recommended by Liz.
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  10. I shouldn't have a problem getting the £6.95 postage back. The question is whether I can screw compensation from them for distress. I woke this morning to find that I have some grey hairs which I'm fairly sure I didn't have yesterday.
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  11. I run a courier service in Hull and have made a fair wedge by guaranteeing to drive out of the door and too a destination there and then. Because I drive a little car my fuel costs are considerably less so for same day stuff I am cheap.

    Can't compete with the bigger companies when there is plenty of time though

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  12. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    Indeed - as long as it's not MyHermes. They have to be the worst delivery service in the UK. I have yet to read a review or comment to the contrary either.
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  13. If this was anyone else but you moaning about this, I'd be all "Suck it up Princess", but I actually know what a sensible bloke you are.

    Grey hair? Heheheheeee. I didn't spit tea on my keyboard though.

    New grey hair? Hahahahahahaaaaa.
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  14. :mrgreen: :wave: