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guantanamo bay protest in SL

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On arrival at the new protest site in SL I was given this
NEW YORK – The American Civil Liberties Union today announced a new site in Second Life (SL) as part of its Close Guantánamo campaign. January 11, 2008 marks the six-year anniversary of the arrival of prisoners at Guantánamo Bay. The new virtual space includes "Gone GITMO," a program produced by Nonny de la Peña and Peggy Weil and built by SL architect Buhbuhcuh Fairchild. The program gives Second Life residents a glimpse into the inhumane conditions of indefinite detention at Camp X-Ray. While visiting the space, residents can also sign a petition and wear virtual orange clothing as a way to express opposition to torture and indefinite detention at the U.S.-run prison.

The ACLU will hold the first of a series of live events at the campaign space on January 11 at 2 PM ET/11 AM SLT in conjunction with its nationwide call to action for Americans to wear orange this Friday. Orange was chosen because it is the color of the jumpsuits worn by Guantánamo detainees. The event will take place in Second Life on Progressive Island (135,152,35). You can visit the space by clicking on the following URL:

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Progressive Island/135/152/35/

The ACLU, along with other human rights organizations, launched the Close Guantánamo campaign in December. Events across the country this week will include demonstrations in Washington, DC, Boston, Philadelphia and Boise, ID; protests in San Francisco and Tampa; a discussion in Pittsburgh; a vigil in Raleigh, NC; and a rally in St. Louis.

More information on the Close Guantánamo campaign and a schedule of events is available at:
Along with a free jumpsuit.

I looked everywhere for fencing like that for the fibua! see if you can blag some butler - and one of them guard towers


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I have my doubts about Gitmo. Its a bit like MOTORMAN, tactically it makes sense to lock up the bad guys and hide the key if not throw it away, but strategically its giving up the moral high ground.

On the other hand when I look at the ragbag of usual suspects who are against Gitmo I find my self with a gut feeling of 'if they're agin' it, I'm for it'.

I don't have the answer, what do you do with these very dangerous prisoners?
Apparently the oldesr resident of gitmo is 90 and the youngest 15 and only 5% of its occupants were captured by the americans. The rest were all bought from other countries.
Can anyone make me a "Save Guantanamo Bay" sign? Its only right to represent both sides :)


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Being 90 or 15 does not make them cuddly and innocent.

I would imagine the 95% who were not captured by the Yanks have probably had a lucky break. No doubt the default setting for those that did the capturing with regard to prisoners is torture followed by death. And by torture I mean electrodes to the nuts, beatings, crushings and general infliction of pain and suffering not the human rights brigades definition of interview without coffee.
Gents. If you want to discuss the politics of gitmo can you take it to CA please. I'm locking this.
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