Guantánamo ex-detainee tells Congress of abuse

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by redgrain, May 24, 2008.

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  1. More on Gitmo

    A former prisoner, who was found innocent in 2002, but not released til four years later, endured..."electric shock, simulated drowning, and days spent chained by his arms to the ceiling of an airplane hangar...."

    I know some think that these men, since they were 'prisoners' must therefore have deserved all that they got, but what kind of system do we have in place if we treat others like this? They were held and not charged, did not have access to solicitors, and were tortured - no matter how you parse the word.
  2. You're absolutely 100% correct rg. Let them all go and give them $1 million for their troubles. It's only fair...
  3. Last year they released 4 Kuwaiti prisoners from Gitmo who had been determined by a court in Kuwait not to be terrorists. One of them blew himself up (along with a number of innocent people) in Iraq last week or the week before.

    Perhaps instead of the million we could offer them the choice of a million dollars or 40 lbs of PE and a cellphone.

    I do not understand the reference to being without lawyers. Given the money that is spent by the US on lawyers, transport of lawyers, feeding and housing of lawyers at Gitmo; I would be surprised to learn that the lawyers sent there are spending there time sunning themselves.
  4. Yes, I was wrong about the part of them not being allowed solicitors. However, the government made representing the detainees very difficult.

    Regarding the suicide bomber from Kuwait - I don't think it is known if the man was driven to become an enemy of US because of the treatment he received at Gitmo or not. Even if he had been before, that does not mean all of the men there were or that they deserved to be treated as they were.
  5. SSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH Don’t say things like suing goberments as our innocent peeps who were on holiday there may just ask ours for money!!!!!!!
  6. If I was a prisoner, as soon as I was released I would be selling my story of torture, maltreatment etc to everyone. A good way to attack the system.
  7. They are all going to come out and claim all sorts of rough treatment,
    hoping for big payouts from the Yanks.
    My view, they probably wouldn't be in there if they hadn't been pulling
    some stroke.
    Even if they don't score a payment, it still reinforces the general public's
    perceptions of Guantanamo and aids the 'enemy'.
  8. You ever thought that these ex terrorists might be telling lies :roll:
  9. Is he 60 foot tall or does he now look like Inspector Gadget?
  10. He doesn't have military service. If he did, he would have a vague idea what he was talking about. Yet another Gitmo thread? The same as all the other Gitmo threads. "Gitmo sucks etc etc", but I have yet to hear a great idea on what should be done instead.

    Come out here and live the life for a year RG. Come meet the people. Get a look with your own eyes instead of from some left wing internet site or student union meeting. Come get dressed up in all the gear and walk with us for a few hours in the mid day sun. You'll meet some great Afghani people. Just regular people, with family trying to get by and live their life. You'll meet people who will invite you to sit in their homes and offer you the last of their food.

    On the flip side, come meet some of the other types. Lay under your tent canvas for a few hours and wake to the sound screaming rockets on their way to you. Its quite a rush. A mix of a of fear, adrenline pumping, eyes wide open, heart pounding. Come live it with us. Stay a year, and form an opinion of your own. You haven't got the bottle mate.

    Come over and lay a field dressing on a human being that ten minutes prior had tried to shoot a hole in the side of your head. Come over and try and stop the bleeding on a leg of a six year old girl who was standing in the wrong place at the wrong time. Look into her eyes while she bleeds to death. You couldnt hack it.

    You're everything that is wrong with the world. You wont become part of the solution. You're yet another internet general, internet politician, armchair nobody. You're ten-a-penny. You're a coward, a fraud, and your material never changes. In short, you are part of the problem sir.

    In answer to your threads. You're right. Close Gitmo and let them die on the battlefield like the pseudo-soldiers that they are.
  11. Ex terrorists? Surely if somebody is a terrorist suspect and is proven not to be, then they are not a terrorist. You would not imply that a Kuwaiti court of justice might make an error??

    As for the attack via media, using democratic processes and organs...well hellfire! That is the classic judo style use of the opponent's strength to defeat them. Frankly up the torture component of the Gitmo Experience and guarantee more and better confessions...
  12. I think that we've forgotten that a good number of these 'innocent' men were captured fighting for the Taliban the first time round. Now if we'd just left them to the Northern Alliance, there wouldn't be a problem with them today.
  13. 1)I have read the articles.
    2)Yes you was mistaken but owned up and so no drama.
    3)Damned if I know but will Guess (and that is all that this is). I reckon the vast majority have been picked up in circumstances where they was doing something dodgy. I seriously doubt that anyone detained by troops will have had the evidence trail collected that is needed to secure a conviction in a normal court of law. Soldiers tend to be too busy and ill trained to gather evidence during a firefight/contact/whatever. Does this mean the detainees are all innocent? Hell no! Does it mean every one of them is guilty? Hell no!

    What would you like to see as an alternative to gitmo? Summary execution? Never detain anyone?

    Don't get me wrong. It is very likely that some people detained there are innocent whilst others are guilty. I don't like the fact that gitmo exists, but I am damned if I can think of a better alternative. Can you?

    Rather than bother to give them a trial it would be much cheaper to just free every one of them. Trials would be an expensive and slower way to achieve the same end result.
  14. Quite a few sent to Guantanamo were not picked on battlefield, but picked by "friendly intelligence"....some of those being fingered by someone having a personal grudge. Thus, large amount of captives were relesed after US finally got their shite together and arranged military tribunals Geneva Convention-style to define each captive status.

    I think majority in Gitmo deserved a trip there, but some were for example quilty just shaggin village elder's wife/daughter/son etc. :p Maybe waterboarding for that is OK...but you get my drift.
  15. Perturbed: You make good points - but maybe if the detainees at Gitmo could have been processed faster, been given immediate access to solicitors, had the government not interfere with said solicitors, had the detainees not been subjected to torture, I don't think many reasonable people could have found fault with Gitmo.

    Sardaukar: Interesting - could you provide a link possibly?

    Squiff: No - it is as I said, I don't post personal particulars on boards such as this.