Guam B2 crash video

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by The-Lord-Flasheart, Jun 6, 2008.

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  1. The USAF has released some video footage of the B2 accident in Guam in Feb this year.

    B2 accident

    (Its the second aircaft taking off from about 1 min 30)

    They stayed with it for quite a while before banging out. 8O
  2. Nope. Fck-all there, m'Lord.
  3. Mr Dep; wear a hat.

    Im not sure if they know why it crashed yet.

    Baseplate, Mr Dep can obviously see it. Must be a snag your end? If you cant, just google 'B2 crash Guam'.
  4. Can also see it.

    Credit to the blokes for staying with it till they did!!!
  5. EX_STAB: thanks for that.

    TLF: as you say, the brave/very silly crew stayed with that waaaaay too long.

    Did you hear the scream at the end? That'll be the crew chief, I suspect :twisted:
  6. This is why it crashed:

  7. Cheers for that HVM.

    Bugger letting Bill Gates and his cronies decide how to let my cab fly! Technology can never overcome physics. Physics will always win not matter how much you try to fool it. :roll:
  8. wonder what it feels like to crash almost $1bn

  9. Ask Gordon Brown. He does it on a daily basis. :roll:
  10. Thats what they were bound to say :roll:
    [tinfoil hat on] Take another watch of that youtube clip.
    Go to 1:58 -1:59 you can see big lumps falling off the plane!

    Or maybe those bits where being shot off!! :!: [removes tinfoil hat]

    Fcuking expensive bit of rain that then :)
  11. I see what you mean at 1:58-1:59 on the Youtube vid, I havn't checked the accidentreport but it looks like they lose one or both starboard engines at (over!)rotation? There appear to be a few large puffs of smoke from the inlets, upper extra inlets and exhaust just as it rotates. Compressor stall, poss. due to the dirty air?
  12. Never mind all that you faggoty poof. You're out of a job soon anyway. Check this out.....

    Flashfart's Nemesis.
  13. I'm all for all mil aircraft becoming pilotless.

    I'll only be out of a job when fat rich executives want to fly in a UAV to Silverstone or the Grand National. :wink:

    (Or if the drug cartels switch to UAVs)