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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by shrew, Nov 5, 2008.

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  1. I haven't posted for a while, but something has just happened that has made me REALLY angry and I need to vent at a sympathetic audience... I work within the upper eschelons of a well known academic institution, I have already made a name for myself my polluting the tea-room with the ultra right wing publication (The Times!) whilst further annoying people by declaring myself a member of the TA.

    Anyhow - I got a bit fed up with the vast majority getting excited about Barack Obama's win (well done, etc, glad for him etc - no honestly I am), and how he's going to end Iraq and Afghanistan etc etc etc... One of them actually said that he was sick of the steady drip of dead soldiers coming home from Afghanistan... (and no he wasn't wearing a poppy either...). Of course I kick off, and basically told him that the vast majority of serving soliders were sick of the negative press and the attitude of some of the public etc etc ... what followed was a brief discussion on international socio-economic policy and 'unecessary wars' and he ended mentioning Thatcher and the Falklands, saying it was all her fault for provoking Galtieri by reducing troop numbers... I mean... sorry but is this guys a c*nt or what!?!

    It is not yet lunch and already I want to kill someone

    Argh.... <.... well and truely throws bunsen burner out of the window...>

  2. 'Tis a known fact Shrew, Guardian readers are Mail readers who went to university. Both are cnuts.
  3. Well he is right in a way. If we had proper aircraft carriers and fast jets to go on them, a decent MEF available, an Airborne Div with strategic lift and logistic back-up, lots of ground forces and armour available, more SSN and surface assets and proper air assets and AD assets all round then we would have very little to fear.

    Ask the cnut which part of the Social Services budget they are coming from.
  4. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Your mistake was rational arguement. Just point out that wars may be unnecessary but are good fun.
  5. You title the thread "Gu*rdi*n Readers", but don't mention the Guardian in the post. You may not have picked up that august journal yet today, but they have put Harry Patch on the cover of G2 headed "last action hero" with a 4 page article inside.

    They can't be all that bad!
  6. Whilst you make some good points, IMHO the Guardian is probably one of the best pieces of journalism out there at the moment, and provided your radar is acute enough to pick up the odd bit of bolshevism it's a good read. The sort of idiots that you would appear to work with would make better sparring partners if they read it, rather than some of the other rags you mention...
  7. You read a paper published by that nasty, foreign, meddling, republican Murdoch, yet claim a superior patriotism? Look at yourself anew, you shameful News Corporation running dog.
  8. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Suggest you wind these ivory-tower pipe-dreamers up another notch by switching to the Telegraph. Lefties usually have no sense of humour so are good for a bite any time.
  9. Christ no, have you read the Telegraph recently? Full of articles from leftie journos like Mary Drivel and the sociopath Heffer. If Jeff Randall and BoJo jump ship it won't be worth reading at all.
  10. F*ck off.

    I AM better than you. Pleb.
  11. I hate you.

    I still read it every day, though, just to get the cardiovascular system up and running.
  12. Tell them you get all your opinions from the Sun because Rupert Murdoch is such a thoroughly good egg you cant make people like that see reason so just annoy them as much as possible
  13. I have threatened with C18 literature and 'Mein Kampf'... but I'd rather curl one out in his test tubes and really f*ck-up his PCR...*

    <*... science joke>

  14. At making tea for academics and churning out dull platitudes - for sure.
  15. um... nope - you can still f*ck off

    <... how did he know? 8O >