Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Thedesertfox, Jan 14, 2010.

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  1. Help required please, at work and left the Radiation Folder in another location. Compiling a Source List and need to know the activity in GBq for the CWS and Prismatic Compass. Any takers??
  2. None of those links you posted contain the information he is looking for. Did you read any of them or just post them for the sake of posting?
  3. Sorry cant find anything specifically for Prismatic Compass.
  4. Do these not count as closed sources anyway, as the beta radiation can't penetrate the outer casing?
  5. Spaz,

    I wondered who would be the fisrt to pick an online fight.

    My second post covers CWS, try reading the annex, but I can find nothing for the Prismatic.

    BZ - Yes, Beta cannot penetrate the outer casings, but 'all GTLS sources leak', according to the JSP


    These people currently make the Prismatic compass for the MOD. They put in new GTLS sources in my 30 year old prismatic for £50. Give them a call and they may be able to give you the Gbq info
  7. I read the Annex, it cover Blade Sight, SUSAT and DAS. I'm happy to be corrected on this.

    I'm not picking a fight, I'm wondering why you are posting irelevant information.
  8. Sorry spaz,got confused with SUSAT and CWS.

    Does CWS have any GTLS sources anyway?
  9. CWS is not listed as it is II, powered by batteries not sources

    6605 99 527 9037 Prismatic is:

    Isotope is H-3
    Activity is 4.61E+9

  10. Gents thanks for the replies and apologies for taking so long coming back. Got it sorted in the end, all squared away now. TDF