Gti score on job sheet?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by don_gorgon, Aug 20, 2009.

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  1. I have my job sheet given to me after my BARB test, the highest jobs GTI score is 58, does that mean i scored 58 in my barb test?
  2. probably yes... the BARB is a piece of p1ss. like a primary school exam!
  3. Yes I agree its very easy, So I must've missed out on a ton of job options by 2 points..
  4. I got 65. The highest job avaliable on my sheet was 48, GCSE course work came back to haunt me.
  5. The GTI score you see on the sheet you lot get is not the score you got, it is the score required for that particular job.

    If you see a job on the sheet then it is just showing you that you scored higher than or equal to the score required for that job.

    The sheet will only show jobs you are qualified and eligible (gender and age specific) for too, that means if you score above 60 (which is the score for RMP) and you do not have GCSE's it will still only show those jobs that do not require any GCSE's.

    People get hung up on the BARB test far too often, in actual fact recruiters are not supposed to give out the sheet, they are supposed to work down the list talking to you about the jobs that are available, most cannot be bothered and fob you off with the list, also they are not supposed to give you your score, they are simply supposed to indicate whether it was below average, average or above average ;)