GTAIV, XBOX360 or PS3?

Depends what you read really, only yesterday I read that PS3 will win because HD DVD is a non starter.

One thing you should bear in mind is how toffy the original PS and PS2 games where compared to what they developed in the end. I believe Sony are charging to much for the info that the developers require at the minute so its a cost issue.

Oh and the fact that you can put normal HD in a PS3 is a bit of a winner.
Goku said:
The Xbox may have its red rings of death but the PS3s graphics just don’t hit the mark and they’re a developers nightmare.
Probably because most developers work in C# designing software for PC's and working on the XBox is similar. PS3 games are developed in C (Cg) which is not as easy as working with C# and all its .Net libs but should result in faster games.

The score appears to be 1 nil to Sony as Toshiba (& Microsoft) have given up on HD DVD

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