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Good news for all X360 GTA fans, the long awaited new downloadable content is coming in February.

As was well documented, Microsoft paid Rockstar $50 million to get exclusive rights to two new download only episodes for the game. Details of the first are now starting to appear.

The first will be called The Lost and the Damned and won't feature everyone's favourite taxi driving, darts playing, Serbian Niko Belic, but instead a new character called Johnny Klebitz. There will also be some new multiplayer games, something I wasn't expecting considering how many good ones there are in the original game.

What Rockstar hasn't said though it how much the episodes will cost, probably something like 1200 points we would imagine, which is around £8.

When the long awaited episodes arrive it will surely be a kick in the teeth for Sony and PS3 fans as they will see the other side to what it's like to miss out on GTA, just as old Xbox users had to put up with for so long. A lot of

Sony watchers claimed that the PS3 won the GTA war because of percentage sales, but if it did the console has failed to play on that success and it still trails both the 360 and the Wii by some distance.

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