GTA4 - Lost and the Damned


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Anyone bothered with this?

I downloaded it last week, but haven't been playing the Xbox recently. The IGN review confused me slightly, as they stated the protagonist was a boring biker you couldn't care less for, but still gave it a 90%/86% (US/UK) score.

Does it bring anything new to the table? Longevity? Gfx tweaks? I'm interested in Arrser's opinions, as you never know which reviewers have been paid off by the publishers (or in this case, microsoft).

(Yes, I could just turn the xbox on and play it, but I am currently whoring TF2 after the Scout update).


Had a butchers at this (now completed) One word, yes. It brings you another 10 or so hours of new missions, a few new cars, with more selection of bikes.

Graphics are more or less the same, but there is a rougher grainy look to the gameplay. Its construction is well put together, but as for the longetivity you'll complete it, maybe go back to it a week later, then not bother.

Once you have done all whats asked of you, theres nothing to do apart from riding around on a chopper, gunning people down with a sawn-off.


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