Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Sangreal, Apr 21, 2008.

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  1. Just pre-ordered my PS3 copy!

    I think this will be THE game of 2008.

  2. It looks like the muts mate! Many an hour spent on the previous games.
    Will be waiting for a PC version though.
  3. I hold a little resentment for GTA IV, only because I'm hooked on COD4 and am looking forward to buying the news maps on May 1st. But when GTA comes out I have a feeling that COD4 is going to be like a ghost town.

    Although the GTA games do keep getting better and better, so I might be forced to give in.
  4. Complete next generation graphic and sound overhaul for this new installment. Very indepth gameplay. Its been rumored that it will bring in close to $400 million in its first week.

    So gives you the scope this thing will be, when it hits the shelves next week. All most everywhere has sold out of its preorder allocation, so might be a bit of a wait to get this.
  5. It was bad enough trying to get hold of a copy of GT5P, patience is a virtue......

    Think it will be one of the best of the year, but game of the year, time will tell
  6. I'm struggling to complete three of the 'S' races!
  7. i remember gta3 first 3D GTA then there was vice city, surely that was 4? shouldnt this one be GTA VI?
    I reckon when it comes out just like San Andreas it will be slated big time "because they changed everything" but thats the beaty of GTA games they are alll good.
  8. My ps3 has been neglected since completing cod4 for the 10th time (no internet) so its gonna be no life when i get my hands on gta pre ordered a month ago
  9. Never floated my boat when i had it for the PC but shall give it a go on the PS3. COD4 has been my main game i play most of the time. See what the new maps bring
  10. Preorders were still available from ASDA last time I checked, if anyone's struggling to find somewhere to preorder.
  11. I want to get a PS3 just to play this game, But fack it I don't have a PS3...Yet.
  12. Get an XBox 360 to play it, £100 cheaper and the only game worth getting that is only on the PS3 is Gran Turismo, if you're into that sort of thing.
  13. Even if you can find an HD DVD in the shops, you have to buy a separate drive to play it.

    The 360 has a noisy, hot, separate transformer.

    You have to pay to play online, and no, 360 online isn't any better.

    The "Red Ring of Death."

    Just four reasons not to get an XBox; and before you get on your pedestal, I know because I've owned both. There's reasons why I now own a PS3.
  14. FBG,

    I think the 3 circle issue has been sorted out now mate and Micro$oft extended the warrenty for most people effected.

    Granted the Xbox is noisy, but then there's Xbox Live, Xbox Arcade, downloadable content, rental HD movies etc, most PC games are released on it as well. I think Microsoft really hit the nail on the head with this one.
  15. Yes but still the money that you save on the console you have to spend on the HD DVD Drive to view HD films. Both are very similar in many ways and differences are negligible. But I lost all confidence after my Xbox broke twice.