GTA IV - Its coming......

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by skintboymike, Apr 23, 2007.

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  1. just gives you time to save up for a high-spec PC to play it on!!!!! can't wait myself
  2. Might even consider getting one of the newfangled 360 numbers for it , if i can produce the pennies for it :)

    IMO it'll be better on a console , the GTA games are , after all a "consoley" affair. PC's are for Shooters & RTS (command and conquer 3 !!)
  3. Have to disagree on that one. The mouse/aiming system cannot be replicated very well on consoles, but having said that, if they bring it out on the Wii I'll be well impressed. Lots of potential there...
  4. Google "GTA IV and Wii" - it's coming!
  5. This game should be a corker.
    Slightly unimpressed that you appear to take on the role of an immigrant :D
    But hey, I loved the rest of them and this one promises to be a much improved version. One of the creators is quoted as saying 'GTA IV is as much of a leap from the other GTA games as GTA III was from GTA london.'
    So if thats anything to go by it ought to be very impressive.
  6. I hoped and dreamed they'd try to take the series back to London, or at least an imaginary version of London. Having said that though, they could base it anywhere for all I care.

    GTA on the Wii? that's it, I'm having a w*nk, here and now in the office.