Gsr respirator

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bigladfrumtarn, Oct 7, 2012.

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  1. Hi just wondered if anyone knows how the gsr sizes work in comparison to the s10 is a gsr size 1 a large or a small ?
  2. Forget old S10 sizes. You need to be sized up for the inner and outer components respectively which just because you are say size 1 in the inner doesn't mean you will also be size 1 outer. Your battalion/regiment/other will have GSR maintainers who will be able to size you up correctly
  3. Yeah cheers for that mate I had the chance of a size 1gsr on eBay we haven't had the gsr issued yet and as I took a size one s10 I wasn't sure if it would be of any use
  4. Why would you buy one?
  5. Kinkiness probably
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  6. Why the feck would anyone want to buy something like that which will be issued eventually. If you try to use it the next time your on NBC Training (sorry am old school do bear with me) you'd stand out like a right cock and I assume some of the drills will be different, as they were when we transitioned from the s6 to the s10.

    Save you hard earned dosh and wait for the man at Q&M to give you one for nowt.
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  7. They must be on general issue soon, I've seen cadets at Sandhurst wearing them, in addition I've been jiffed for a gsr maintenance course.
  8. Some units have them now. I was jiffed for and completed said course. And yes the drills are different, as are the sizes.
  9. Buy a respirator?
    What in the?
  10. I've bought a respirator, granted I am now in civvy street and it's only half face mask to keep dust out when I'm drilling, but still I bought one!
  11. Yeah point taken
  12. You do know the GSR is serial number linked to your JPA don't you? Any that appear on ebay will be extremely hot property for those of the service police who trawl looking for things that shouldn't be sold on there.

    On a side note- I've had my GSR since March now, not had it tested yet and according to some RNTM somewhere shouldn't go east os Gib until it is... hmm I been east of Gib for a long while now! Love it how rules apply until service needs are greater!
  13. Hmmmmmmm pray tell where the serial number is?
  14. He is correct, it has a serial No.
  15. I think the number that you refer to is the one next to the NSN and its date of manufacture?

    That would work should the QM SQMS/CQMS issue them out that way but so far especially at my place they get sized up inner and outer and sent to collect those sizes from place of issue, they only then sign for a respirator and haversack etc.

    As for linked to JPA, our clerks cant sort out pay correctly never mind respirators.