Do we have any one on here with experience of GSP?I just received my very good looking 4 month old this morning, what to teach him and when?
He should eventually be a good allround dog , have worked out that starting with sit and come here is a good start point , but what next , and anyone got any good ideas on house breaking/training.I have allways managed it with my other dogs but wonder who does it different and how.
All help greatly apreciated.
I have had two. Need to realise that with the GSP it will be about 2 years before the lights come on. You will train him every day and he gets it but on recap next morning appears to have forgotten everything he knew the night before, Both of mine were crated in the house at night and I am sure it helped - they like to investigate and nose is not enough, they use teeth. I have always trained all of my dogs to work for a please rather than a Barbara Woodward SITTT command and GSP repay that way of working. Socialising with other dogs is essential as they may get nervous or aggressive with other breeds if not fully confident. Mine had the point bit in their genes and showed it before I taught it and I think the slow and steady approach to training worked best. Get them in the water early - they are like Labradors for swimming. They are a damned fine choice of dog from day one but after the two year point they are God's finest canine product.


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They get bored very easily and can become a bit destructive. The last OC I had left his in his office for 20 min result 1 pair of brogues and a chair easy scoffed. Also a mate of mine had one stopped to get fags and came out to find all of the seat belts in his car had been scranned. other than that once they are settled nae dramas.
I do hope this young gun , now has name , Sam , will refrain from eating my house, car, other dogs!!
Has been very steady today , and is currently asleep on my foot , wait to see what happens when I lock him in the back hall with the other two dogs, will he whine all night for me , hope blinking not!!
My German Short-tempered Pointer is one of the most stubborn dogs I have met. She is, however, quite bright, excellent with the nipper and pretty biddable (providing you don't overdo training or make it dull). Like all dogs, you need to be pack leader, but overdo it, and you will lose them - they are not like spaniels.

Mine spent the weekend at my parents (and was allowed to sleep in their bed). Cue a whole week of whining & scratching when locked up at night at home.

Escape artists too - will scale a 5 foot gate without too much trouble.
See my point re crate at night. Get one for the car as well. Someone who had kept lots of gsp commented to me that most dogs need telling but gsp have to be asked. About right. They do take more training than others but it does pay off.
OOOOOOOOOOOO Lord you are worrying me now , I live in the middle of no where with a purposly low fence so I can watch the roe deer here.......................that said as long as the dog understands the stop command I should be able to stop it flying over fences and chasing deer shouldent I?
Eventually, yes!
Start work on the basic commands straight away, leave the gundog stuff for at least another two months. Keep him interested, keep the lessons fun and you should be OK :D
If you don't already use one, a long lunge lead (20 or 30 foot) is a pretty good training tool to let him start to work away from you whilst still keeping him under control. There are a couple of books on training GSPs which are quite reasonable.

Like all HPRs they are bred to cover ground, so tend to want to range further and wider than labs/spaniels. To be perfectly honest, it is a trait that I have never really got properly on top of (which is a worry if working your dog in the beating line on the posher sort of shoot) - has anyone got any advice on this?
Done and responded, thankyou very much............................out of intrest anyone seen Fugly he know's a thing or two o0n doggies too I beleive.
Little bugger has not eaten my car or done anything wrong so far , so I am a happy bunny , infact today he saw one of my cats from the barn for the first time and went straight to point !! Chuffed to frikkin bits!!
ORC Did you get my email and PM?




Just you wait till his nadgers go on-stream, about the age of nine months. Mine has devoured the gear levers of the truck (he was agitated that he couldn't get at the red stag I was loading), and has a tendency to take off. He obeys the stop and return commands until he doesn't.

Asking nicely is partly the key to it - they're very intelligent dogs and at some point you will realise that he is training you as much as you him. And don't bother trying to tire him out - I raced mine around a farm today on a quad - at up to 45 kph he was keeping up with me easily for about ten minutes, and then did a nice little bit of sitting and coming to the whistle, and walking to heel.

Then he saw me getting the lead out, and legged it for twenty minutes to catch rabbits. He's a year and three months.


I have a nice collection of scars from a Weimeraner dog that was bored with training!
Not my cup of tea but one of my syndicatre has a pair of pointer bitches that are exceptionally well trained! We are beating on another shoot this saturday so I'll ask him!
just to let you know I have not forgotten you , still have no pics mind , what with the 90 km each way to work ATM I have time , just about to walk the dog as I get back in!!
He is comming along very very well and recalls great!!(Most of the time!!!).
He came out to his first hunt today , a few rabbits over ferrets , and very quickly learned from his very wise companion , a GWP, which holes had rabbits in and how to mark them!!
He also had a whale of a time at the flighting pond and flushed rabbit , duck and a roe from there.
Still very young , and comming along very well , now a warm knackerd pile ontop of my foot!!
Thankyou so very much for the litrature.
Did you note the difference between gSp and gWp? Where one 'asks' the shorthair, one needs to 'order' the wire bugger is what I found when I was evaluating the two to see which one I would buy.
ORC actually the GWP is an old friend, and at his prime, working daily with a friend who is bundes forst Ampt, and does any thing and everything from pigions to pigs , he is amazing , steady and very very good , but he like his owner is out all day every day doing it..............
Young Sam learned alot yesterday, and I was so mesmerised watching him work I missed the first two rabbits he flushed by shooting late!!
I hear absolutly what you say about the GWP mind as I regularly see them on shoots and they are a very boistourus dog, unlike Egor , Sams partner yesterday.
Man I can not wait ntill Sammy boy is fully trained and the two of us can really get stuck in!!

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