GSM with Iraq clasp.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FNUSNU, Nov 29, 2005.

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  1. Hi guys, I've already qualified for my Telic medal (was in theatre Feb 03, still no medal) but now I've served elsewhere in the middle east and been told I should be able to qualify for a GSM with an Iraq clasp. Do any of you know any better or know the entitlement? Want to apply now so I can get it before I die of old age.


  2. Ive got an gsm with clasp air operations iraq medal - given to me (kindly) by the raf in 1998 or so but have no idea what the qualifcations were for it - i spent so long in the gulf in saudi arabia/kuwait/bahrain and turkey i nearly applied to become an arab - but yes the medal certainly does exist for air operations iraq but dont know about the land side of it.
  3. If you served for 30 or more days on Op Resinate or Op Bolton between 16 July 1991 and 30 April 2003 then you will have qualified for the GSM 62 with clasp "Air Ops Iraq"
  4. You need to check the DINs for the qualifying dates for the GSM with clasp 'Air Ops Iraq' as it has stopped, as have GSM clasps 'Northern Iraq/Southern Turkey'
  5. Currently the only clasp available to the Campaign Service Medal 1962- is the Northern Ireland one. The last one other than that awarded was the Air Operations Iraq which has been replaced by the Iraq Medal. I will try and find out when the Iraw clasp was stopped.
  6. Air Ops Iraq clasp ceased (along with op Resinate South) on 30 April 2003. Op Resinate South was superceded by Telic 2. There are some RAF types who have achieved both medals in one tour by virtue of serving on both ops.
  7. Filbert Fox u seem to be a man in the know - was the northern iraq/southern turkey gsm a different gsm clasp to air ops iraq or did it run in conjucntion with it asi if different id qualify for it due to inordiante length of time spent at incirlik defending the northern no fly zone from the safety of the hover inn/horny vine - not battle scarred but more like bottle scared.
  8. N Iraq S Turkey Clasp (dates: 6 April - 17 July 1991) was superceded by Air Ops Iraq clasp (16 July 1991 - 30 April 2003) and thus not concurrent.

    Again, there are some RAF who got both clasps for one tour.
  9. took the words right out of my mouth!! (except for the bit about the RAF), Op Haven got the 'N Iraq/S Turkey' clasp.
  10. I've got a GSM clasp for Kuwait. I could tell you about it, but then I'd have to bore you.
  11. Was that the post Gulf war 1 picking up the brass tour? :wink:
  12. I told you it was boring! Otherwise known as the Poachers' Yellow Tour.