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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by goober, Aug 11, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone help with info on the rosette's that can be added to the GSM in particular for NI service.
    I know after 3 years an accumulated service medal is awarded, what comes next for those who served longer again like the Home Service Royal Irish?
  2. There is a set of approx 3 medals which are awarded to UDR/RIR for accumulated service in NI. If you check the UDR Association site I know there is info there.
  3. To my knowlege there is no roseette for the GSM or the ACSM, however I belive you get bars for your ACSM for each qualify period, I remember reading there some guy with 8 or 9 bars (UDR/RIR bod)
  4. You only get one bar to the GSM for each campaign, no matter how many times you've been there.
  5. however the Accumilated Campaign Service Medal you can earn more clasps to becuase they are for time served and if you qualify for a clasp you get a rosette for the ribbon when the ribbon only is worn
  6. Thats what I think I need, do the clasps/rosettes come in different colours depending on the time served? If so what are the colours.
  7. the clasps are all silver the rosettes change colour depending on the number of clasps
  8. As far as I know the clasps and rosette are always in silver - No other colour is issued.
  9. The ACSM was instituted in 1994 and the UDR/RIR need to complete 1080 duties to qualify for the medal, plus a further 1080 duties for each bar. Now most UDR/RIR do not do 365/24/7 duty days so it takes on average a absulute minimum 4 years to gain the medal and each bar! So by my calculations the most bars any one UDR/RIR soldier should have is 3 to 4.

    Will the withdrawal of the GSM for Northern Ireland that will also stop the clock on NI quilification days as well from that date?
  10. The guy I read about did 30 years and was in in 69
  11. Then it was the Ulster Defence Medal not the ASCM which did not come in till 1994!

    To qualify you needed 12 years continuous service for the medal plus 6 years for each clasp. So even than it only a medal plus 3 bars.

    Look at the UDR Association Sites Medal page if you do not beleave me:

    Four Medals are available:

    General Service Medal 1962 & Clasp "Northern Ireland" since August 1969(30 days)

    Accumulated Campaign Service Medal, "ACSM" since August 1994 (1080 days, plus 1080 days per clasp)

    The Ulster Defence Medal, "UD" till June 1992 (12 years, plus 6 years for each bar)

    Northern Ireland Home Service Medal, "NIHSM" since July 1992 (12 years, plus 12 years per bar)

    See site for extra qualification info.
  12. You're only thinking about part-time soldiers. The UDR/RIR had and have full-time soldiers. Mostly regarded as regulars these days because the restriction on home service has been lifted.
  13. Even then they did not do 7 days a week! every week. Unlike the british soldier who's every day in theatre counts. The Regular and Part Time UDR/RIR off duty days did/do not. Agreed a regular would get his faster, But it would still take 3 to 4 years to qualify for a ACSM but only 30 days duty for a GSM.
  14. Actually as they were and are paid 7 days a week they are classed at 'in theatre' and 'on duty' at all times. As a former UDR soldier I have had that well drummed into me.
  15. I therefor apologise. But it will still take you 1080 duties/days for the medal, and impossible to have 8 bars as wellyhead stated.

    So why does it state DUTIES and not DAYS on the UDR site?

    Full Time Members of The UDR/R IRISH:

    Must have completed 1080 duties in Northern Ireland to qualify for the ACSM.
    A further 1080 duties must be completed in Northern Ireland to qualify for the award of the first "Clasp". On completion of a further 1080 duties a second clasp will be issued and so on.
    Previous Regular Army or Part Time UDR/R IRISH service in an operational theatre can be added to Full Time Service to qualify as long as 1080 duties are completed.
    Training duties outside Northern Ireland do not count.