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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by tich23, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. Anyone able to assist?

    My father was seconded from the Malayan Colonial Service to the Malayan Police at the start of the Emergency. As a Chinese speaker I understand he did various 'odd' things, including up on the Thai/Malay border stopping the Chinese coming thro, plus being OC of a Tracking School in the early days and acting as Secretary for Chinese Affairs when they moved whole villages suspected of helping the Communists - he left in '57 as a District Officer.

    Basic research shows that there was something called Order 58 which placed those serving in the Police during the Emergency as eligible for the GSM.

    Aside from the Defence Medals Office, anyone know of an alternate place to try applying for a retrospective GSM for those who served in colonial police forces? Aged 84 he tells me that he has tried before, but I'm not sure who it was to; I'd like to try again.

    Thanks in advance

  2. This is next to f all use but I remember there was a Malay police Old Comrades Association but where that takes you I cannot guarantee.
  3. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    He would also have been eligible for the Pingat Jasa Malaysia (I think) but I think the lists may be closed for that.l
  4. Chaps - thanks for taking the time to reply, shall investigate all avenues. He's the classic 'Oh but it doesn't mean anything' type! that goes for service in Indian Army Int Corps at end of the war too! T23
  5. Check out the website above. lists are to remain open and there is an award cermony soon.

  6. The PJM List is open indefinite.
    He would be entitled to the Malaya GSM.
    As my father was also Malayan Police 52 - 56 then when Malaya became independent, and all who served in the same were asked or told to leave.
    My father after re signing was then posted back to Malaya.
    Hence I have also applied for the posthumous medal to which he would be entitled.

    Dates for the entitlement of the PJM; Aug 1957 – Aug 1966 incl.
  7. Thanks T2B - mine left in 57 and joined the FCO - given he was one of those who left school at 17 and learned Chinese/a foreign language on a fast track scheme during the war - someone was thinking ahead, pity it doesnt happen now!
  8. tich,here's the web addy for the PJM medal
  9. Tich,
    have sent you PM re the M / Police.