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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CrapSpy, Aug 16, 2005.

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  1. Someone in the office is modifying a game, and can only get the ORBAT for GSFG in Russian. Anyone know what these are:

    If Gv TD is a Guards Tank Division,

    and Gv TP is a Guards Armoured Regiment,

    and Gv MSP is a Guards MR Regiment,

    and Gv SAP is a Guards Artillery Regiment,

    and Gv OBR is a Guards Recce Regiment,

    what is a Gv OISB, an ODShB and an OSAPBr?

    There must be a few of you who can remember!

    Many thanks.
  2. ODShB = Independent Landing Assault Battalion
    Gv OISB = Guards Nonintegrated Engineering Combat Battalion

    Spotters away.................................:D
  3. I'm impressed....and OSAPBr??
  4. Independent Brigade of some sort.

    wait out...............
  5. I think Independent Artillery Brigade but I am not as sure of that one.
  6. Cheers BB, I will now pass your knowledge off as my own!!

    Still very impressed by the way.
  7. Genforce thrust down my throat from a very young age. Ooer.
  8. = airmobile(?)
  9. I think so yes.
  10. Hang on, there's more:




  11. Fukc me readers.
  12. Sorry, put it down to a change in requirement.
  13. This is a stretch.

    DSHBR = desant storm unit (literally brigade)

    (something along those lines)

  14. OZRP pretty much has to be an independent anti-aircraft missile regiment (otdel'nyj zenitno-raketnyj polk).

    OSABr would be an independent self-propelled artillery brigade, I think (otdel'naya samokhodnaya artillerijskaya brigada)

    PTABr - Anti-tank artillery brigade (protivo-tankovaya artillerijskaya brigada)

    DShBr - possibly desantnaya-shturmovaya brigada - (air) assault assault brigade, if you see what I mean - conjectural, though.
  15. Damn, edited to remove double post.