GSE Part Numbers

I've heared that RAF GSE doesn't have NSN's, is this correct ? If so, how are spares demanded ? MPN etc?

Does this apply to Army aviation as well ?

Any info on this subject is appreciated.

I spent an unhealthy amout of time in Army Aviation GSE Bays but left the army in 1986 and then worked as a civvy doing the same job until 1992.

A long time ago and if you think it is slightly relevant then please PM me.

I don't think it is exactly mindblowingly exciting stuff so not fair to bore everybody else.
Some RAF GSE does have stk numbers, others are just PN's.

If its a helicopter specific piece of GSE I may be able to help as I work at Hampshire's premier noise producer.
RAF GSE does have NSNs same as the Army does, there are certain methods of demanding it. I work in this area now, with supply of Army GSE, if you still need help PM me with what help you need.

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