Discussion in 'RLC' started by CH512O, Nov 22, 2008.

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  1. One of our lads are going on the GSDI course soon. Apparently there is a driving assessment on first day. Anyone confirm what this entails? I know they convert you to SV on it but what happens if you are already SV converted?
    Cheers in advance.
  2. Bump
    Now its monday, anyone help with above?
  3. The whole course is now run on the SV all the TP's and teachbacks will be carried out on the SV (both 6 & 9 Tonne). Sorry don't know about the driving assement but if the DLAI course is anything to go by it won't be anything to get worried about.
  4. Cheers, i managed to get hold of the Adv Trg Wing and they said its a on-road assessment and you also get SV trained......
    Instr "anyone driven these before?"
    CH "mmmmm, a little bit"!!
  5. yeh just drove 9T SV at catterick driver training area last weekend, all i say is point and drive as easy as that, goes up and down all the hills i threw at it all fully loaded too very good bit of kit so far,

    as to GSDI course well i wouldnt hold yeh breath know how to set up a course even when u have finished! all they do is throw a disk at yeh and say get on with it when u get back to unit!!! took me afew attempts and some guide advice from old GSDI's to point me in the right direction!
  6. I think CH already knows that much, if you read some of his other 1214 posts you would be able to work out why.

    "All they do is throw you a CD and say get on with it"

    As much as I dislike some of the instructors in Egoworld (Aka Advanced Training Wing) I know that simply isn't true. All I can say is, you get as much out of the course as you put in. You obviously put as much effort into your course as you put punctuation into your post.
  7. Im always up for learning new stuff so i will take anything told to me about SV as increased knowledge, but its true my time and experience in SV is pretty good to say the least.

    But SV isnt that good that you can just point it up a hill and it will go up. Canada earlier this year proved that. Well used x-country courses are fine for showing off but thick clogging mud after the worse rainfall for a few years soon stopped a lot of SV during MM1 and 2. Some reasons were due to Training and some due to tyre choice.
  8. never mind all that troggie stuff answer your firkin PM's
  9. send them first and ill answer of Alf!!!! :wink:
  10. Don't expect to increase your knowledge base after a visit to ATW. In fact the knowledge will all be flowing the other way :)

    You mean you get a tyre choice, is it like F1?
  11. The tyres fitted to SV are Goodyears that are fine for general usage. Trouble is since they have now been used in areas other than well driven X Country Trials areas they have been found not to dissipate sticky mud. This is due to the grip profile etc. Michelin supply the tyre for the SV(R) which having wider spaces between the knobbly bits, works better in mud. Trouble is the tyre sizes on SV(R) are bigger.
    Without going into too much detail, i think the Michelins are available but dont quote me on this, for specific ops or tasks.
    "normal" mud is fine for the Goodyears but ill confirm but there will be further direction in lowering tyre pressures, fitting snow chains (they work in mud as well!) and good route recce's. If you look in the SV Handbook, it mentions tyre pressures and chains anyway.
    Admittedly when i went out to BATUS to see what the problems were, i was skeptical about SV getting stuck. 15mins into my fact finding drive and i was in a UST, up to its axles in mud....stuck!!
  12. Exactly the same sketch on the Goldgrun in Paderborn last year, the MAN team from UK instructing us could'nt believe how the wagons just sank!
  13. I think you may mean VT, who have the contract for initial training of SV.
    Dont get me wrong, SV is very good x-country and the tyre situation never reared its head in the trials. But you cant replicate every bit of terrain (read mud type!). Like i said the fitted tyres are fine, just look at the terrain and if in doubt, get out!!!
  14. :
    Yep, you are correct, Vosper trained us up. It was'nt their fault as that place has a particulary horrible type of mud and it's own weather system!
    Overall though impressed with the wagons! :D
  15. Didnt relise Defence Writing was being tested here.........crumbs must get it sorted! I only saying what my experiance was on the course 3 years ago, as i am instructor by trade! i put all effort in to all my courses, i did put in a large end of course letter in at the end of my course and the civvi DST instructors aggreed with me on this, but they said they where tied up with red tape to do owt about it! which is understandable......i just hope things have changed by now and the new people going through have a successful and better course now.