GSC/ACS on high rate???

Certain trades in the "sigs", Royal Signals are on high rate. Have been for years Lcpl RS op now CS on high band. Technicians on high band as well.

Regarding Lbdr's I'm not sure, and I don't know what GSC/ACS is?

If you're just after a moan crack on, but really if it bothers you that much transfer to a job that is on high band it's that simple.
ACS/GCS- artillery command systems or gunner command systems ie the command post, no not after a moan just a rumour i heard and wondering if there was any other gen on this, i appreciate your concern!!!
GCS/ACS pay rates are being reviewed this summer. don't hold your breath (with the current climate) but the team are working hard to ensure the review takes all aspects of the trade into account.
Agreed, But they will be reviewing all ranks in all disciplines (CS, GS & AD) The review will take place in Jul/Aug and any results probably won't come into effect until Apr 11.

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