GS Land Rover Replacement?

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by Goaty, Mar 14, 2017.

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  1. Probably been done already, but with the end of production for Defenders, any idea what will replace the Land Rover as a GS soft skin vehicle once stocks have dried up? Foxhound replaces the Snatch variant, and Jackal the WMIK but nothing as of yet seems to have been mentioned regarding regular vehicles. I can see WF 4x4s as a replacement, but what then of FFRs or BFAs?
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    The Land Rover was the biggest pile of 4x4 shite. It's day was already past by the mid 60's when the vastly better Land Cruiser wiped out most of its civilian market. You can be 100% sure the obvious replacement, 70 Series Land Cruisers, will never get a look in.
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  3. It will probably be just a commercial off the shelf small pick-up. The NZDF run around in Mitsubushi's.
    It wouldn't make any sense to buy a load of "military" vehicles, that you couldn't take into a war zone, when you could buy, rent or lease a vehicle to do the job.
    If sensibile they will also buy them"white" and then have a "camouflage" wrap put onto them. This is what Stobarts do all the time.
    Still as it seems sensible, it probably won't happen this way !
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  4. Sense? Commercial off the shelf?

    Oh no no no that will not do at all. It will take 20 years of constant fact finding missions, design, moving the goalposts and more design before they decide it needs at least 4 wheels.
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  5. Then, after more studies costing lots of cash, a fitting for a spare wheel will be added. Said spare wheel will become available for operations only.
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  6. I guess it depends on load capacity and the level of off road ability?
    The Defender is (was) well and truly up there, and most if not all, the Jap style pickups have far inferior suspension designs they're good enough for most folk - builders to get across a muddy site and who, like farmers, will have access to tractors and the like to tow them out/ as an alternative. If you aint going far off road and value comfort over ultimate utility then they are quite alright.
    The G Wagen which is already used by some NATO forces is the obvious choice in that it is very Defender like (and Gelaendewagen almost translates into Landrover too!) but maybe a tad pricey?
    The "Troopy" Land Cruiser is a good choice although apparently it's got crappy leaf springs at the back and both it and the G have heavy steel bodywork that is a hindrance off road and rusts too. And diesel V8!
    But they both have the axle diff' locks that the Defender always lacked.
    Maybe a worked over Troopy or G with lighter body?
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  7. Well, here in the Republic, the vehicle of choice for all civil service departments and the Defence Forces is the Ford Ranger, these days. A friend was inquiring about a replacement for one of his dept's older vehicles and was told that the choice was the Ranger or nothing. He elected to keep the Trooper but was told that if it was more than 10 years old, it was going over the side and he was getting a Ranger instead. A special case had to be made to keep the Trooper, as it's load capacity suited his unit's needs. Apparently, the Ranger is a warmed over Mazda, so fans of Japanese 4 x 4s can be kept happy.
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  8. Tata has a range of miilitary vehicles to cover most needs.
    Their website has examples for anyone interested.
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  9. Toyota Hilux- used by all our 'best' enemies. Reliable, hard wearing and service centers world wide.
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  10. In my time I very rarely saw the Defenders going anywhere that another 4x4 could not get. Landrovers are poor quality and expensive, bin them and get something that is actually useful.
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  11. But you could bash them about and a few wack's with a mallet and the application of a paintbrush and a tin of green paint had them looking FFR again.

    Surely one of the attractions of Land Rovers was that they didn't need to look pristine, just utilitarian and ready for as much ill treatment as squaddies could dish out to it!

    Is there another motor that can really do that?
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  12. Well I've definitely seen them go where Jap pickups can't - put them side by side across challenging terrain and 9/10 the Defender wins - what does let the Defender down is the lack of an axle diff lock, I was bested by a Ford Ranger on a hillside of loose rocks.
    Long travel coil springs and live axles on a chunky separate chassis are the secret, it's like comparing Timberlands with a proper hiking/military boot.
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  13. Is that the Jap Ranger or the American one?
  14. What do the Yanks use for GS work nowadays?
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  15. I'm sure there was a thread on here about ten years ago, that said we were going to get those german things.
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