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Just some of the Events that we have been at

Parachuting at Pribram near Prage in the Czech Republic

Well we all met up at Heathrow for our journey to the Czech Republic . One who shall remain nameless was late on parade, but got there eventually. No problems with departure and arrived at International Airport at about 10.45 hrs, to be met by our transport for the journey to Pribram about an hour away. As luck would have it, 4 of the lads got the chance to go into Prague for a look around, while the 4 seniors sorted all the admin out at the base. All RV'd around 3pm for transfer to billet and to get changed into uniform to start ground training. (Billet basic, but clean and functional)

On arrival at the base, noticed that there were allot of different uniforms about. Found out that not only Brits on the course but also Americans, Swiss, Greeks, Germans, and of course Czechs. This had the makings of a truly great weekend. Started training in the classroom with a short film and then moved on to landing drills, no problems encountered, in fact the 2 new lads performed exceptionally well. It was then onto the bar, no not the pull up type but the liquid type, Think we held our end up there, and cordial international relations were established, got to bed around 2pm.

Reveille at 05.45am,(it's not true that Lt Lambeth pinched all the hot water, just because he took 20 mins in the shower, he shaved in there as well). Pick up and back to base for breakfast at 7am.Unusual but still no problems, by 8.30 we were booted and chuted, the Czech instructors fitted the chutes for us, never had it so good, never looked after us like this at Abingdon or Brize. By 9.15 ready to enplane, it was to be Major first, LT Lambeth second, Sgt/Major third and then the rest of the lads. As it was LT Lambeth got to be number one, his first jump in almost 28 years and first out the bloody door. Reached the jumping height and all systems go, absolutely fantastic, the Major J looked a bit ill though, must of been something he ate at breakfast! The 2 new lads did us all proud and especially themselves, we all know the feelings we had on our very first jumps, WELL DONE LADS!. All got down safely, unfortunately the Major antagonized an old injury from 3 months before and it left him a bit sore in the ribs region. Lt Lambeth got lost in a maize field, biggest problem he is 5'10" and the maize was 6'10"

Jump no two about 1pm, no problems encountered, the new lads did fantastic, we all know the hardest jump to make is the second one, so well done again lads. Lt Lambeth decided to jump without his glasses, you guessed it, he got lost again, and came down in a corn field a good 1/2 kilometre away from the others, next time he's going to jump with his white stick and guide dog.

Jump number 3,took place on the Sunday morning, as the wind got up a bit Sat afternoon, this one was a little special as was being dispatched by an American Special Forces Instructor, (this guy was so cool, he was like ice) it was Lambeth again who got the number one slot. This time nearly landed in a lake, really will have to take his guide dog next time. New lads did brilliant and I think they really enjoyed this one.

Presented with wings by Czech Brigadier and the American Captain. Also went through the American custom of the Blood Wings. For some reason he did it to all the Brits and not just one from each of the other groups there, I wonder why?

Lt Lambeth was the oldest one there at nearly 49,if it wasn't for the Czech Brigadier he would have been. His last jumps before this were between 4-7 years before some of the lads were born. So it just goes to prove you are never to old or to stupid to jump again.
GREAT WEEKEND & COURSE. Will definitely use the Czech Republic again for future courses

Just checked the link and the photos "about the Squadron" Not that I know a lot about this, but, Chap top left needs to open his eyes and his chute he is getting perilously close to the grass.
I know its been done to death a million times, but why do these tossers feel the need to ponce about in dpm ? And, when MTP finally gets issued to every man and his dog in the forces, will they be following suit ?


i'm sorry but i just don't get this. these blokes are pretend soldiers,right? some sort
of last line of defense for the UK? and these knobs are some kind of elite para unit? i bet you feel safer already....



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and why is the application to join document restricted? If it is restricted, why is it on the internet for all to see?
Try reading the medical form. Grammar syntax and spelling are three areas that seem to have passed the author by completely.
Try reading the medical form. Grammar syntax and spelling are three areas that seem to have passed the author by completely.
Apparently Down's Syndrome wouldn't stop someone passing their version of a medical.
Jesus tap dancing christ....... Why? Just why?

Edited to add: Parachuting at Pribram near Prage in the Czech Republic

Where the holy feck......??? :/

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