Grundig VP6200 Media Player £99 !!!!!!!!


Thought some of the guys and girls deploying on ops, who might be looking for a media player might be interested in having a shufti at this.
At £99 direct from the manufacturer including delivery, its sounds like a piece of kit that might be useful for tour away, and if it goes t&ts up, you havn't lost a fortune

Its sold by Grundig, but is actually a Toshiba platform. Not sure how good it is, but reviews on the net suggest it does what it says on the tin which is; records and store TV/DVD/Video/Music/photos in all the main formats and allows you to playback using the device or a TV. Battery life is about 13 hrs for music, but down to about 3hrs for a video: Unlike the Archos media players this comes complete with power leads, docking station and leads.

Integrated 30Gb hard drive
Supports MP3, WMA, JPEG, MPEG 4 and many more common file formats
Record direct from TV, Video, DVD, CD to MP3 format(audio)JPEG (photo) or ASF files (video) all without a PC

3.5” TFT LC Display with 64,000 colours
Panning 1.3 Mega Pixel Digital Camera
High resolution
4 x Digital Zoom
Built in Microphone
USB 2.0 high speed
LineIn/Line Out for TV, Video and Audio
Integrated Lithium-polymer battery
Charging unit and 6V mains adapter supplied.

There are certainly better players around in terms of battery life etc, but at that price......fill yer boots

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