Grumpy Old Men

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Eggbanjo, Oct 17, 2003.

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  1. Fcuking excellent programme, at last something worthwhile on the piss off and leave me alone :lol:
  2. I must admit you're 100% right, the best by a fcking mile for years on BBC. Mind you, it's about fcking time considering the cost of a fcking licence fee, and it makes a change from some big gobbed fat cnut of a cook whipping up french shyte or some limp wristed twaat decorating a fcking shyte house that you wouldn't want to fcking live in the first place, in a shyte town.... :D

    If you have sky, watch it on bbc4 or something, it's fcking brilliant and could be a moaning session in a real naafi.
  3. I'm fuggin choked missed it dint I? Does anyone know when its on again?
  4. Grumpy? Fu**in' grumpy?

    They don't know what grumpy is. Send 'round to my house, I'll show 'em what real grumpy is!!!!

  5. I thought this thread might have been about MDN and ORG!!! :D
  6. There's enough bender threads already :D
  9. Right you tosspots, just seen the dig, don't call me trigger.

    Shotgun, whilst it grieves me jump to the side of a Ginger Brummie, I feel I must in that:

    1: He's not welsh
    2: Not REME
    3: We shared the same cap badge.

    If ORG did leave any disgarded Gimp attire at your house, it was soon replaced, and he now sports a cracking aray of rubber fetish gear. You have mistreated and abused the gear he left behind by constantly thrapping over the memories hence the Rubber deteriorating.
  10. I feel I must take exception to point 1 and 3 MDN.

    I'm not Welsh, and sharing a Pay Corps cap badge is nothing to shout about, and as for being REME, well, that point is more than negated by him being a ginga minga brummie, or in fact either ginga OR brummie :D
  11. Point 1, You live in wales, thats close enough. If you were born Welsh fair shout, not your fault its your parents, you live thier by choice, indicating that you have always been a closet welshman.

    Point 3, The Army Air Corps badge is probably the sexiest there is.

    My being a northern lovescud goes some way towards compensating for ORGs failings, in being a ginger and a brummie

    In summary you are still a puffy Welsh Reme turd :D :D
  12. Point one is arguable because I live a maximum of 100 yards over the border into Wales, but come under English control. Mind you, it could be that I'm in the worst of both worlds, being either in England or Wales, it makes no difference to me really as I make no distinction between either English or Welsh, they are both the same really.

    As to Army Air Corps, well that is an eye opener. The AAC is sexy, but I would prefer to be attractive to females and not other puffy corps. Saying that I always thought the REME were the creme de la creme of the AAC, and like your sex life, you would fail to get up without outside assistance.

    Your hypothesis is negated in any case as there is nothing to compensate for being a broomie, and his being in the AAC just shows the depths to which a Corps can fall :D
  13. It doesn't matter whether you are 1 foot or fifty miles insode wales, you are Welsh! (who's coat is that jacket)

    The Army Air Corps is without doubt the sexest Corps encompassing a few regiments of equally sexy troops.

    We only have the REME to squirt things with oil, and clean our bottoms after a Ruby Murray.

    Thats enough now Welshman, crawl back into your cave and find me a nice tasty rifle with a nice Damascus barrel
  14. Saw this crap on the box last night. Reminiscent of Harry Enfield's take on the old Pathe News documentaries; laughing and laughable contempt of What We Were Then. At least he (Harry) was funny. This wasn't.

    This was only contemptible of what we were twenty or thirty years ago; pop singers and comedians (our judges!!) deriding values which I've held and I think my dad also did, unless he was more dissolute than I knew (best of luck to him. He died over thirty years ago).

    The fact is that he followed the flag in his uniform in many nasty parts of the world, agin enemies as nasty as Sinn Fein/IRA, Taleban, Saddam's RG, and he and his mates won over them.

    My values are now being laughed at; the twats at the BBC are using the power of their medium to ensure that those values are subsumed beneath their nasty 'New Socialism' or 'New Labour' 'modernisation' or whatever it is they think they're using to mould us all into obedient proletarian grey men. Propaganda? Subtle as a Saracen.

    For God's sake, where's the Leadership in this country??