Grumpy Old man punches Trick or treat kid

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by semper, Nov 8, 2007.

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    going a bit far, it is totally wrong, in my job I come across a lot of old men who just seemed to moan and complain, the old women are worse, any old git that pisses me off usually find his life very difficult I would annoy him so much that he has a heart attack, I am usually willing to help especially the Disabled, I have no respect for Grumpy old gits they need to get a life, I hope this old man get bummed without vaseline in Prison, age is no excusefor irresponsable behavior.
  2. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Guess that was trick then....
  3. I agree, totally wrong to punch the kid.

    Should have used his elbow; does much more damage than a punch. :twisted:
  4. Is that the door to your cellar when said 8 year olds are banging on it and crying to be let out?
  5. Yes but your a ugly penis, you would scare them away!
  6. To be fair the kid was wearing a mask. How could the bloke be sure it wasn't some homicidal midget?
  7. Saga Louts

    always the first to complain about the standard of the kids behaviour, and believe that their bad behaviour is always justifiable.
  8. One hopes that the foreign custom bearing child learned something.
  9. The report didn't say that the child was foreign. :D BTW trick or treat maybe a septic name for it, but the custom originated, like most septic customs in these fair isles.
  10. What do you do for a living Semper?
  11. Christopher Eslick, 61, told police he was so fed up with Halloween callers at his Plymouth home that he lashed out at the boy who was wearing a horror mask.

    Whats his username on Arrse?
  12. The fact that the child is still alive must narrow down the numbers.
  13. Semper - Give me a break!!
  14. As far as I am concerned the little git got what was coming to him. He should not be out at night wearing a mask to disguise his appearance then demand some form of reward for not bricking your windows. Should have used a shotgun on the little sod and claimed he was a burglar.
  15. He should just give the kids laxitive chocolates. That'll teach 'em!