Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by curl1, Jul 25, 2013.

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  1. How do you enter GRT onto JPA, I can't find it in the drop down menu?
  2. ISTR that you have to get your HR Specs to add it.
    Either wait till someone who knows what they are talking about posts on here, or speak to your Unit Admin.

  3. JPA self service employee - bottom right hand side - GRT activity, complete - THis is providing you meant how to add a GRT absence.

    If you mean adding your GRT to your available absence this is done by rour IERO once reggistered for resttlement
  4. Dont mean to hijack the thread, but can your OC stop you taking GRT in a block at the end of service?
  5. I've been told we can take all our leave in a oner if we want, GRT and normal leave
  6. TBH why would they want to......if you have a good boss then they probably prefer you to take your remaining leave, GRT and Gardening leave in one block as they then can right you off their planning. I basically saved all my leave and added everything together in a four month block....just remember though if your looking at starting new work then you aren't suppose to use your GRT for paid work....however if you put your GRT first...then say use your remaining 20 days annual leave (with CO's permission to work during leave) along with your 28 days gardening leave you could realistically get that last two months working at your new job.
    Im sure some Gurus on here will tell you different or that they got paid work during GRT....if they did good on them
  7. Yes, your boss can stop you taking it as a lump. All GRT activities have to be approved by a line manager. There may be many reasons why your boss wants you to spread out your GRT, such as not having to gap your post for an extended period.
  8. I don't know for certain that this will happen, just heard a rumour that the OC doesn't like people taking GRT in a block at the end. Hopefully just a rumour!
  9. The Iron is bang on, any decent boss will ask you to put it all in at once as they should be planning. Counting backwards from your last day of service, use terminal leave, remaining ILA and remaing GRT to calculate your Last day in unit. We send out letters at 12 and 6 month to EED and part of required actions is to agree the LDIU with the Line Manager. Agree your resettlement plan at the earliest opportunity, as posted above all GRT activity has to be approved on JPA. also, if all your leave etc.. is in the correct order, it allows for Substitution pay to be paid if required.
  10. 'Any decent boss will ask you to put it all in at once as they should be planning'

    Any decent boss has the interests of both you and your colleagues, as well as the mission, in mind. To that end he should be encouraging you to use your GRT productively, as it was intended, in preparation for leaving the service. Leaving that preparation all to your last couple of months is a bad idea generally and unlikely to be in your best interests. But even if it was in your interests, it might well not be in the interests of your unit or colleagues. If, for example, like most units in the British Army, yours takes block leave, it would be completely appropriate for your boss to insist you also take block leave, even if that then means you returning for a couple of weeks to complete your time prior to taking the remainder of your annual/GRT/terminal leave.
  11. I can understand your sentiments however anyone leaving think about what's best for you....once you leave your unit or the forces they won't be interested in your career path and your just a number. Having been through the resettlement process twice I would say the vast majority on the CTW and resettlement courses I did left a big bulk to the end of their time to add to annual and gardening leave. The majority of bosses I have spoke to prefered it that way ....and realised as well they will be in the same boat in the next year or so. You are in really crap postings or have shit bosses if they would **** you around with not letting you use your resettlement the way you want it it especially in your last 6 months.....or maybe as a senior I was just lucky and trusted to get on with my life....or maybe they just wanted rid of me.