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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme 2010' started by partyr, Jul 26, 2011.

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  1. The instruction states that personnel will be entitled to the GRT they would have been eligible for had they completed their commission/engagement they were serving on when made redundant. I thought most soldiers were on an open engagement. COuld somebody please clarify what this means.

  2. Partyr,

    This is from JSP 534 Tri-Service Resettlement Policy.
    <1 Years Service 0 GRT
    1+ Years Service 0 GRT
    4+ Years Service 0 GRT
    6+ Years Service 20 GRT
    8+ Years Service 25 GRT
    12+ Years Service 30 GRT
    16+ Years Service 35 GRT

    The amount of GRT is in working days, so if you have 16+ years of service this equates to 7 weeks of resettlement time :)

    Hope this helps

  3. Ah, roger that, it was a bit confusing mentioning engagements etc, all understood now. Thank you.
  4. All the above is correct for normal discharge, also there are different tables for Medical DischargeUnder 1 Year 10GRT...........1+ Years Service 30 GRT...........4+ Years Service 30 GRT...........6+ Years Service 30 GRT.............8+ Years Service 30 GRT..............12+ Years Service 30 GRT...............16+ Years Service 35 GRT............... Your Resettlement Officer will give you more advice, had heard there may be another table for those made redundant, not sure though.Apologies for the way this has come out but for some reason it wont come out as a chart as I intended it to.
  5. Cheers The IRON, I always thought medical discharge was 30 GRT unless time served gave 35 GRT, didn't realise there was a chart. 23 Years in (retired now) and still learning.

  6. If your made redundant or even if u volunteered everyone is entitled for the full grt