grr fcuking ranting civvy parents

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by v1n1984, Feb 22, 2006.

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  1. :evil:

    just been bitched at all day saying how my aspirations to be a networking techy in the Sigs is shit and that i'll die, and that if I
    join then, i'll get "cut off"(financially) and that ill no longer be their son.

    fcuks sake!

    all this from a bloke that was in CCF for 5 years and my commy loving liberal mother. apparently, all communication is "learning Morse code"
    and ill come out without nothing.

    cant fcuking argue, cant drive any points home as they just rant and biatch. :cry:

    most pointless bitching sesh ever? 8O
  2. If they love you, they'll support you. If they don't - fcuk 'em!
  3. Best of luck mate.

    I'm in the same position with my old dear. I told her i was in the proccess of joining up, but she seems not to want to acknowledge this in the hope it will disapear.

    Reminds me of the bury you head in the sand approcah to problem solving :D
  4. mleh its the only way with brick walls
  5. Mum knows best. You can ignore her if you must, but one day..... ;)
  6. So they won't be going to the passing out parade, then?
  7. Don't worry about getting cut off financially. You're going to get paid for 365 days a year, get fed and clothed and go on lots of exotic holidays. Wah!!!!

    Gawd bless the army ;)
  8. probably not. tiz ok for her that i go and do the 6months national service shit in Greece (born there) but its not on to make a career with a professional employer

    oh and, the army is full of bullies too ;)
  9. she wants me to be a nurse lol 8O
  10. If my son/daughter joined the Signals I would disown the fcuker if that’s the limit of your aspirations then join Dixon you will get a snazzier uniform.
  11. who needs parents dude...... fuck em off and join ........ once your 18 they cant stop you
  12. tiz my fault for leaving it as long as i have, im 21.
  13. My parents are giving me a bit of stick about joining, mostly about getting shot. But my grandparents are all for it. My grandad served 6 years (1940-1946 I think), and if it was good enough for him then it's good enough for me. Actually come to think of it my family has been serving in the British army for generations, it just skipped a generation thanks to my mum not being that way inclined.
  14. MOVE OUT NOW!!! You are old enough to make your own mind up. Loving parents should be proud of your choice of career. I don't hold with this my corps is better than yours sh1t - we're all one family - we even dress alike! Get out there and join up if that's what you want (and I mean REALLY want) to do.
  15. Yes, must agree with your parents here. Don't take grandparents advice and get shot.

    Tell parents about the excellent CBA that's issued, that should calm them.