Grown Ups on the Move

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by SpeckledJim, Jul 27, 2005.

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  1. So the No 2 Board results are out and we have Col "Ming the Merciless - I was expelled from the Genghis Kahn School of Management" JR moving to MCM Div. He'll now be ideally placed to bugger around with people’s careers on a grand scale.
  2. JR. A bloke in a hurry yes, a bloke who can be abbrasive yes, BUT, a man with top ideas about how we should do our business.
  3. Yes, I particularly liked this top idea from Kosovo in '99. To insist that his medics from 2 AFA stag on the VCPs around the University Hospital Pristina, whilst snipers would have a go every now and then and Serb / Albanian groups were using the facility as a location to re-org and re-arm. All this despite Para Reg having offered to take over the task. To say that this was a man with a chip on his shoulder was an understatement (you know, that 'we're going to prove to everyone that we can be real soldiers and don't need anyone's help' chip). I just hope he's got it out of his system by now. There's a fine line between being really keen and really dangerous.
  4. You have to wonder how these people would fair if they weren’t doctors and were in competition with the big Army. Guess that could be a separate thread, if it hasn’t been done already(?)
  5. Your quite right the AMS is quite girly when it comes to rubustness in the face of non-threatening activities i.e the re-arming scenario with regard to the sniping stuff the soldiers I imagine would have been under the same ROE as those normally applied elsewhere. One major difference to the rest of the Army though....that little Red Cross target.
  6. How about when one of the snipers fired a round or two at you and you cowered behind your vehicles for nearly 20 minutes whilst a QRF was sent to you, who promptly located, shot and dropped the sniper? Only asking seeing as how there were 4 of you AND you were all armed. Self defence ring a bell?
  7. To be fair......with this Government in power?
  8. Perhaps I'm an old fashioned sort of chap, but I've always fondly believed that the purpose of the AMS is to care for the sick and wounded. Why take on the jobs that other parts of the Army/Armed Forces are trained to do and capable of carrying out? If, on the other hand, the Parachute Regiment had offered to run a Role Three facility...
  9. Exactly my point DB II, it was blatantly obvious to all of us that the medics were not the right people to be manning the VCPs for that exact reason. I say VCP, but really we're just talking about four teenagers stood in the road without any real brief or idea what they're supposed to be doing. The only time I ever saw live rounds used in a field amb was during an APWT, those who didn't pass (of whom there were many), they didn't get to do it again because there were never enough rounds. Anyway, enough of that, as for your QRF incident, isn't that what a QRF is for? Seems to me that letting four (combat) inexperenced non-combatants fire randomly at buildings would have been a pretty irresponsible decision to make when you have a perfectly good QRF system in place, looks to me that the guy on the ground made the right decision.

    By the way, 20 mins! Where the f*ck were you?

  10. So your not real soldiers then ?
  11. Oh for Christ's sake, yes we are, we know that we are. The point was that there are far too many people milling around puzzle palace who feel the need to prove themselves at every opportunity, these are the people who are uncomfortable being AMS when they are up at Bde HQ with the rest of the so-called 'proper Officers'. I would bet that there are many in the AMS who have found themselves pawns in a very unpopular ego trip or MBE crusade. Sadly it's not as uncommon as we'd like.
  12. Ooh I so want to let fly in this one but I will bow out and watch.

    Horses for courses etc etc