Grown man crying about pro-wrestling

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by crabtastic, Dec 19, 2005.

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  1. Until recently I had a young lad working for me who was absolutely besotted with WWF wrestling. The kiddy was as thick as mince and could hardly put two words together, had all of the initiative of a Neue Arbeit front bench spokesman and frankly looked like the initial die-casting for chavs, male, 1. However he kept absolutely punctilious records of every "fight" and every wrestler in an exercise book, using four different colour inks! If he could have applied himself to work or education as he did to the wrestling then he would have got somewhere. Unfortunately he had the application of a three toed can't make this stuff up, can you because "Truth is stranger than fiction!".
  2. Jesus that was painful to watch. Still managed tho.

    That guy's in serious need of a girlfriend or just friends in general.
  3. The really sad part is, based on the audiences I've seen, it wouldn't be impossible for him to find a "laydee" who shares his love and belief in WWF.


    The WWF Female Fan Alliance Webring

    Cuddles may want to forward this along to his former charge, who no doubt also needs a girlfriend. :D
  4. Alan (we'll call him Alan because that is his name) would not know what to do with a girl, other than perhaps buy her a WWF "Storm" tee-shirt and then get matching piercings. He probably thinks of girls as like boys but not as much fun when hanging around the skateboard park...he is almost certainly so dedicated to self-abuse that he wouldn't see the point in a girl anyway. He doesn't work for me any more because of all of these issues and also because he is a lying, thieving chav.
  5. no truer word ever said of a chav, but for the record, can i point out that no chav has ever been present on a skateboard park, because (as minor as it is) being able to use a skateboard (i know from bitter past experiences) requires a degree of talent and skill. chav with talent and/or skill? pull the other one!

    my little brother used to like watching WWF, which after the age of about 8, started to irritate the sh1t out of me. so using myself, him, a folding chair and several thousand pounds of health insurance, i demonstrated some of the finer points of why it's all bo11ocks. he'll thank me one day.