Growing Suicide Problem

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by edd1989, Mar 20, 2017.

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  1. Economic

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  2. Bottling things up and not talking about problems

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  3. Lack of a defined role in the modern world

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  4. More awareness through media attention, but not a significant increase

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  5. Increase in mental illness caused by, social media, internet, nuclear family breakdown etc

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  6. Snowflake generation melting in the heat of life

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  7. Other

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  1. In the UK we are facing a growing problem with suicide of young men. So much so that if you are male and under the age of 45, suicide is the most likely cause of death with over 6000 tragedy's per year.

    Suicide risk greatest for low skilled male workers - BBC News

    'Tortured geniuses' more likely to commit suicide, study finds

    Male suicide: It's time to face the stark truth about a growing crisis

    I thought I would open a thread discussing the potential causes and solutions. Why are so many young men feeling their lives are not worth living?

    Is it lack of openness by bottling things up and the desire to be tough? Is it economic with poorly paying, uncertain jobs and the inability to provide for your future/partner? Is it the lack of a defined role in the modern world where women don't need men as much in the traditional sense?

    And what can be done about it?

    Or is it not a significant increase and, whilst serious, just receiving media attention?

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  2. My BiL topped himself. He's got the good job, lovely wife, smashing kids and grandkids. He'd moved house, gutted it and rebuilt it by hand, apart from leccy and gas, and once done he continually said there's nothing left, it's all been done. He just didn't know what to do so up in the loft with a bottle and pills. No-one guessed this would be the outcome, so as well as getting folk to talk it's also very important to listen. :cool:
  3. You have just reminded me of one of my favourite Winston Churchill quotes:

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  4. Being unliked on Facebook, the greatest of life tragedies
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  5. A close friend committed suicide - he was in his late 40s, had recently paid off his mortgage and then said that he had no more to afternoon he ate his sandwiches, walked into the field behind my garden and hung himself. Thankfully he had no children, unfortunately it was a group of children who found him. Strange old world, most of us look forward to 'life after mortgage'.
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  6. The 75% males vs 25% female suicide figure has been fairly constant over the last few years. Suicide figures are based on coroner's conclusions; cases where someone takes their own life but the coroner gives an open or narrative conclusion are not included in stats.

    Reasons for higher incidence of make suicide include men not asking for help (due to various barriers), men not talking about mental health, and men using methods of suicide such as shooting and hanging.

    There are known risk factors for suicide including economic problems, debt, unemployment (especially long term), family history, involvement in the criminal justice system, homelessness, substance misuse, abuse and bullying.

    'Empty nest syndrome' is recognised in women; what some are describing above is the male equivalent. Essentially, feeling that their life no longer has any meaning.

    None of this is new; what is new is the increased awareness, which can only be a good thing.
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  7. The more that top themselves , the more chocolate for me.
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  8. A defined role is being in a trench in Flanders a hundred years ago. No sympathy for snowflakes topping themselves these days.
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  9. So who is at the greatest risk then ? The low skilled or the Genius ?.

  10. Anyone I answer the phone to when I am on shift at the Samaritans call centre.
    It's good to support a charity.
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  11. Most likely people like Bugsy - poorly-educated, meaningless role in society, lives in deprived shithole area, posts shite on internet, etc., etc.
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  12. Sadly now Nurses are in the top flight of suicidal groups and we are mostly females, (not me obviously)
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  13. Can you imagine @Kirkz working on Samaritans help line with his repartee of one liners and comebacks. It would be comedy gold.
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  14. Apart from the fact I work part time and am happy as a pig in shít in my job. A depraved area not deprived (Not in Warrington anymore) post shíte aye like you're the new Oscar Wilde.
    Cue "bite" claim.
  15. Just reading up on this, interesting.
    Wife seems at a loss sometimes now the girls are all teens and off doing there own thing.
    Definetly more moody though that could be menapause.