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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Dirtyfilthymech, Jan 8, 2010.

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  1. Gentlemen, Thank you in advance for any help you send my way

    I’m currently getting fit have lost over 6 stone but I seem to be getting a bit scrawny looking. My new aim now to build some muscles and am looking for a good programme; I am a member of a local gym but the employees that off programmes are either fat ******* or 16 year oldes.

    What I require is any information about working out different muscle groups over 3 sessions a week i.e. arms, chest, shoulders and back and then legs. And also what the exercise are called, the weight machines are Life style ones and seem to offer a little instruction on them.

    How many sets to do and in what number? do I increase the weight during the sets?

    I want to carry on running so don’t want to build my legs up so that sticky out muscles stop me from doing so.

  2. Number one
    Do you have access to a bar and weighted plates

    Number two
    Sitcky out muscles in your legs? Hinder you running?

    How old are you
  3. I don't know how much you know, so I'll assume little and start with the basic guidelines.
    Repetitions of exercises harden the muscles you already have, increasing the weights (gradually over time) builds up the muscle mass. So if you have decent leg muscles simple distance running will harden them up and give them definition as well as giving you an all over aerobic fitness and stamina. Swimming is good for fitness too and you are unlikely to pull a muscles whilst swimming.
    If you want to increase the size of your leg muscles (without using gym weights) carry a weighted pack but make sure its fitted correctly or it will chafe. Don't overdo it. Don't forget to warm up and warm down at either end of the routine.
    I suggest you ask about an all over fitness regime and also some exercises centred on upper body and arms, and your abdominal muscles. Do some leg exercises along with these but keep the leg weights low.
    A quick google search comes up with millions of entries. This is the first one I clicked on:
    Workout plans Looks good enough but you'll have to trawl through to find a plan that looks good for you.

    It's not all about exercise, diet is key as well some google some healthy diet plans to use alongside your regimes.
  4. Is the problem that you actually look scrawny, or are you just not used to being thinner?

    If you do weights wrong, ie you end up with big muscles, you will probably screw up your ability to run/ tab. My advice (I am not a PTI btw) is to keep hammering on the CV (running, cross-trainer, rower etc) and concentrate on something called core strength. You will not end up like Arnie but your ability to lift stuff 'in the real world' will be far greater, and it will not affect your ability on the PFT etc. It will also give you a half decent physique. Ask a PTI or personal trainer how to improve your core.

    The problem with questions such as yours is that you will get masses of advice, leading to confusion. I can only tell you what works for me.
    And if you have lost 6 stone you have done well!

    You'll not end up with huge muscles unless you bang the weights big time and take in copious amounts of protein to boot. Even then you'll only get really big assisted with gear and even then some don't! Do weights and CV together and you'll be fine.
  6. Difficult to advise you on specific exercises if all you have in your gym is LifeFitness machines; frankly, if it does'nt have a good selection of Free Weights, it's not a real gym. :roll:

    Some basic guidlines: if you've never done any weight training before, work your whole body on three non-consecutive days per week. Ideally you should be using the basic exercises - Bench Press, Squat, Deadlift etc. Aim for about 3 sets of 10 reps per exercise. The rep-range is important: 8 - 12 reps with moderate weights is the best for hypertrophy(muscle growth).

    As a beginner work compound exercises, like the ones mentioned above. Compound exercises do exactly what it says on the tin. They work groups of muscles at the same time, rather than isolation exercises which only hit one or two muscles.

    You should'nt be in the gym for more than 45 - 60 minutes; that's more than enough time to get a good workout if you're not talking to a mate or perving on some of the females. :twisted: And any longer than that and you will be overtraining.

    As for worrying about your legs getting to big for running - unless you're a mutant or doped up to your eyeballs, that ain't going to happen, mate. :lol:

    At the start, run on days when you are not doing the weights. Later, once your body has adjusted to the extra workload, you can train twice a day.

    Make sure you have one rest day a week. Eat healthy and if you want a supplement, try Whey Isolate. Avoid the Gear(steriods)at all costs.
  7. Yep. everyone knows that roids makes your dick shrink, your liver crumble and you go mad battering everyone that looks wrongly at you. Look at Arnie and Lou Ferringo (the hulk). They took massive doses of steroids for over a decade and now they're both dead! :wink:
  8. Has someone told the Governator he's dead yet? 8O :D

    Joking aside, Fallschrimjager is absolutely correct. The side-effects of steriod abuse are horrendous. And in any case, all steriods do is allow you to recover faster and therfore train harder. Just taking them does'nt make you stronger. A lot of 'roiders forget that... :roll:
  9. Cheap option is to buy Men's Health magazine over the next couple of months. There are lots of good sessions in there aimed at building strength endurance as opposed to building size. As others have said couple it with CV training and your impressive weight loss to date will be consolidated, although be prepared for weight to increase slightly as you may put some bulk on - continuing running should keep the bulk down anyway.

    I generally get a routine out of MH that I use for 6-8 weeks before trying a new one - don't get set in your ways and vary your training routine regularly. The advice usually covers what muscles to work, frequency etc. Whole body routines on alternate days may be best for your needs. You could always change to gyms where there's a personal trainer who can tailor make you some programmes - it would probably be money well-spent.

    There's nothing wrong with taking whey protein, it helps your recovery and make sure you also take on sufficient carbs to fuel your training - I'm assuming you've drastically altered your diet in recent times but it's also important to have good energy levels or you'll not get maximum benefit for your efforts. Don't buy into these energy drinks either, they're a waste of money mostly in my opinion, water's good enough. Keep it going.
  10. An even cheaper option and one where you'll get expert advice on diet, training and routines is to join the forum below:

  11. You chicks, always worrying about your weight Ha.
  12. yes


    I have been fat/big for so long that its kind of strange looking in the mirror, I may be thinner but id describe me as scrawny.

    That’s the reason for the thread.

    Thanks fella, Sounds good
  13. No worries, mate. Crack on and good luck. :wink:
  14. or sign up to this site $1 dollar for 14 days.

    Probably the most useful reading I've done on functional strength training.

    Legs- one leg deadlifts (hamstring and glutes), one leg squat (quads, stabilisers), calf raises (bent leg and straight leg with maybe a 20kg pack)

    Back- Wide grip pull ups, close grip, lat pull downs, maybe dead lifts?

    Core- side plank, front plank, single leg back plank, cable holds

    Chest and triceps- press ups, dumb ell press, cables, tricep dips

    most importantly biceps- 20 sets of reverse curls lol :twisted:

    only kidding. Add weights to pull ups, tricep dips, one leg squats, one leg deadlifts

    thats a basic work schedule. Most important stuff is core and legs. All the Other stuff is vanity. So walk in the gym do the boring stuff to get it out the way and treat yourself with bodybuilding at the end.
  15. by the way if you want to slam my workout pls do. I spent my early years at school doing bench press and bicep curls. ******* useless