Growing Jelly Teddies

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by discodan, Dec 31, 2005.

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  1. After a debate on skittle vodka someone told me that jellies grow in Lemonade if left long enough so in the name of science and boredham I set to work.. Got my supplies from londis.. bag of Jelly Teddies and 2 x 2 ltr of schweppes (on offer 2 for £1.00.. bargain!!!) and heres the results.

    the supplies


    difference in size after a 24 hour soak


    in comparrison to a 20 pence coin


    After all that it would be rude not to eat the said teddies... so I had a go...

    They taste like the worlds most sour lemon drop.. you pop one in your mouth you pull a face like you are on the vinager strokes... or homer when he goes to that sweet convention with the super sour ball .

    can't wait to get back to work... holidays are getting boring now
  2. You really do need to get out more and find some friends.

  3. not allowed out without my carer :D
  4. Still at that special hospital at Rainham then??

  5. Ha Ha.....

    Leave him alone Sparky. This is the kind of man that made Britain GREAT.

    I take my hat off to his break through work in the Jelly Baby/lemonade field.
  6. do you think he will be line for an award from the Nobel commitee for his research into drunken jelly teddies???

  7. He should be...

    Too late for the New Year's honours list, I suppose
  8. was thinking do you reckon they will expand in vodka if I put the vodka through a doda stream?

  9. Is that the same as a Soda stream??

  10. its been a long night ... watching over afore mentioned experiment
  11. Sounds like you have been eating too much of the product as well.

  12. OMG, i think we need another war !!!!!!!!
  13. What makes you say that, i am too busy to go any way!!!!

  14. LOL, Sparky.

    I've just found the kids jelly babies " i wounder if it will work with them".