Growing a hawthorne hedge

Discussion in 'DIY' started by AFA06, Apr 1, 2012.

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  1. With all of the retired squaddies on this site I can't believe there is no thread on here dedicated to gardening but here goes, a bit of advice needed.

    I have just planted a hawthorn/rowan hedge - 60x2ft high plants, double lined over about 15m. How long will it take to actually look like a hedge rather than twigs in the ground tied to bamboo stalks?
  2. Christ you've set yourself up for a world of pain cutting that stuff.
  3. Hopefully it will keep the little shits away that continually torment my doggies
  4. How good is the soil, did you give it a good digging over before you planted?

    Were they high quality specimens which you bought?
  5. It will but if it borders onto neighbours property they really will hate you.
  6. Dug it over and stuck in losts of compost from last year's garden - I would say they were medium quality looking at the prices - not the cheapest but not the most expensive. They do have some small branches off the main shoot. I was hoping for something resembling a hedge within 12 months and a robust one within 2 years - is this achievable?
  7. Yes. I think it is. Water them well in the first month.
  8. No reason for them to dislike it.
  9. Thanks - am happy now after all of that back breaking work. All I have to do now is watch the shits don't nick them before they take root properly
  10. I did when it grew through my fence and I'd to trim the stuff.
  11. Try to get some Horse manure or other farm manure to scare them away with the smell.

  12. Depending on variety, soil and availability of light it should take five to six years to form a decent barrier and it'll want laying/pleaching when it gets to two metres or so or about 3ins in diameter. However you might find that four whips per metre might be too much and there'll be too much competition unless they're well fed.

    (Bear in maid that this is from agricultural rather than garden hedging so someone's bound to come along and contradict all of the above.)

    Oh and for cutting and pleaching get yourself a pair of welders gloves and a sharp bill hook, hawthorn is by no means as bad as blackthorn for spikes and they don't cause such bad infections either if you do get pricked.

    Holly is a much better choice to keep little buggers out but it does take a lot longer to grow, low maintenance. though
  13. Cheers - I know it is not the prettiest of hedges - I was hoping that inserting rowan in there (20 of them) would make it a little more colourful. Five - six years is a long time - do you mean it will take that long to be fully mature or have a resemblance of a hedge and not need the bamboo to keep it straight?
  14. If you have stables or a farm near you, try asking them for a large trailer load of manure, if you are near the coast and there is a plentiful supply of seaweed on the beach collect that. Both are very high in nutrients, used as a mulch will encourage fast growth. The Hawthorn will grow slightly faster than the Mountain Ash (Rowan), however by careful pruning the growth rates can be equalized. Hopefully your hedge is not in the shade as Mountain Ash prefer full sun. Here many of us grow the Sorbus Acuparia as a specimen shrub because it bright orange berries attract the birds If you do not control the Rowan it can grow to 20 metres in height with a 7 metre spread, overpowering the Hawthorn in the process. The Berries( Fruits) of the Rowan can be used to make a slightly bitter conserve that accompanies game and venison, I have a recipe should you so wish.

    By autumn 2013 I would expect the hedge to be filling out quite nicely and looking forward to picking Rowan Berries.
  15. I like the mountain ash - I have a nice 4m tree in my back garden and a row of six 2.5m trees directly infront of my front door which I prune to keep short. I'm not looking forward to the one in the back reaching 20m - but I imagine I will be long dead by then.

    The rear is full sun all day long (or as close to sun as you get in Leeds), the front has it early morning and late afternoon.