Grow up.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Snail, Apr 6, 2012.

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  1. Everyone just take a step back and realise what you are doing.

    You are trashing this place.

    Pack it in.
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  2. who started it?
  3. It does seem to be that every thread, no matter what the initial subject, does turn into a free-for-all bun fight.
    I mostly stop reading threads after about 4 pages because it is just the same yadda yadda yadda.
  4. biffins-bridge

    biffins-bridge War Hero

    I was quite enjoying the site descending into anarchy; I wanted to be part of the anarchy myself but I didn't know the rules or who was in charge.
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  5. dogmeat

    dogmeat LE

    Their site, their rules.
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  6. JoeyDeacon

    JoeyDeacon Crow

  7. sockpuppets.jpg
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  8. One popular opinion is that Westpoint (and his cohort of alternative accounts) has been a major catalyst.
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  9. Exactly.
  10. Tinman74

    Tinman74 Guest

    I dont think it has a lot to do with what the CO's are doing as dale states its their gig, its the way certain MOD's not all I hasten to add are reacting to the personalities on this site rather than the infraction.
  11. Mr_Tigger

    Mr_Tigger Guest

    I have been here long enough for my opinion to count for much but here it is anyway:

    I am not suggesting there has been a sense of humour failure amongst the Admins, it is their train set and the rules are very clear. Over the last few days however, people got a little giddy after people started getting binned and it has all spiralled ever since. We lost a few of our funniest members and as such ARRSE lost some of its character and familiarity. This might have led to members losing some sense of ownership and like a chav on a council estate trashed all they see. The admin's authority in these matters must be respected but I feel as though it would be a favourable outcome if we used this as an opportunity to draw a very deep line in the sand, invited those good eggs back with a very red rear end and a damn good talking to - and see if we can not make a go of this. ARRSE is only ARRSE because of the people and I feel unless there is some reconciliation it won't ever be quite the same again. That is bad for the members, the Admins and the advertisers.

    I admit to having made wise cracks in Current Affairs threads that belonged in the NAFFI and shall refrain from doing so in future.
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  12. roninxix

    roninxix War Hero

    It's mushroom syndrome. In order to maintain calm may I suggest a statement be made by the COs saying why certain people have been banned and what the rest of us can do to avoid a ban. I've been a member for 6 years, don't think if this site keeps going the way it is I'll make it to 7.

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  13. Im glad Dale spoke out, it wasnt that long ago she was getting banned/warned, having GCO write about her for crayoning all over their site, but she has learnt, so shall we
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  14. I don't see what's so bad about it. I'm sipping an '03 Pomerol and being diverted by the spectacle of a bunch of middle-aged belmers chucking their turds around a virtual playpen.

    In a couple of days they'll all run out of Sunny Delight and things will return to normal levels of social abnormality.
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  15. eodmatt

    eodmatt LE

    Hmmm paranoia seems to be setting in.

    Basically, some rules, which have always been there, are now being policed. Not much has changed. So, as the WW2 poster advised: Keep calm and carry on.

    FFS what am I a fucking psychologist?