grow a tasche and bring peace to iraq,easy.

If you look at any photo of a soldier up until the 2nd WW all of them had a g10 issue tash which some of them could use as pillows.they have clearly fallen out of fashion and it is a difficult item to get back to the fore.

the middle east seem to have the monopoly on moustaches now and it seems only fitting that if we are going to integrate with the local communities in basrah that a nice handlebar moustache would break down barriers.

whilst squaddies are in canada they cultivate their top lips out of curiosity of what they are capable of growing and or whether or not the thing will turn out ginger (god forbid).i heard that a good technique for growing a tash is to rub salt into the area and place a glass of water by the bedside table, the hairs get thirsty and are drawn to the water.not sure on this one though.

some girls in the army openly sport them,once saw an RLC lass who had a goatee,(probably had a price on her head!!). i would be quite apprehensive about growing one as i have the face of a 5 yr old drummer boy, if i get a good run of leave i sometimes see what i can eek out.the girlfriend hates it and i look like mickey pearce off only fools and horses.

lets not allow the moustache to become the sole property of geography teachers up and down the country and grow tasches for queen and country.
granted the village people and freddy mercury have damaged the tash's reputation but i remember paras in the early 80's werent fully dressed without a tash and desert boots.
the point is to steal it back from the gay boys.the transition could start with the royal navy and then gradually let them in across the board.i'm not going to bite at the gay thing.
nice try.
the point is to steal it back from the gay boys.the transition could start with the royal navy
Huh? How's that stealing it back?

Heywood_Jablowme said:
i'm not going to bite at the gay thing.
nice try.
Oww, why not?

On a serious note arn't the Navy only allowed a full set?


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Bring it back!! More 'taches would make the Army a better place!

For the Andrew it's indeed a Full Set or nothing.

I am pretty sure that, until the start of WW1, it was COMPULSORY for British soldiers to wear a 'tache. Good thing too! It sadly went, along with the advent of the Kitchener Armies, and the demise of the BEF, I suppose.

I grow one now and again (i.e. when away from the Missus) and it's true that, in the Mid East, you ain't a Man unless you have a soup strainer.

Now, if I could only grow a decent set of 'bugger's grips'....
When I was at 5 I had the full on Gringo and siddies down to my chin.

Even grew a full set of handlebars once.

Bit of a culture shock when I re-entered the rest of the Army was a quiety advised by the Resident Scarey Monster that I was "taking the piss with that moustache and sideburns Cpl Stoat"

This was at 24 Airmaybe just after formation and I quickly realised that that look was a bit out of date.

Its funny - Sergeant Majors the word over spent nigh on 15 years trying to persuade me to cut my hair, trim my 'tache, sideburns up, 'orrible little man, etc, and within a couple of years of demob, I went from Chewbacca to No. 4 to No. 2 to no guard to bic twice a week.


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Bring back the 'tash!!!! It's got to be done!

It would be good to see CO's of units going on OPTAG issuing a top lip shaving ban, and instituting prizes for 'tash growth. If done in the right way it could be quite a good laugh:

Best beginner - for the young lads straight out of ATR or CIC
Best porn star award - for the NCOs
Most likely to have kicked in a window at 22 Princes Gate - for the WOs
Freddie Mercury award
Facial hair is the mark of a true military hero and a fitting testiment to our regimental ancestors who took cold sheffield steel to johnny frog on the Iberian peninsular.

All new recruits should be assessed for their ability to grow bugger's grips and large sidies: grade C to B+ should be fastracked to at least fullscrew. Anyone over B+ goes QARANC, obviously.
We're not allowed to grow 'tashes in the mob, only full sets. But the Army/RM/Royal Air Farce are.
Buggers grips / 1970's - now thats another story!!! mine allways looked as if the glue had slipped and were halfway to my chin!!
But what more could a man want then? jeans, desert wellies, maroon T shirt and a "pancho" tache!!!!!
The good old days!! When you could go on the Pi** all weekend for about 3 quid and allways end up in the QA spiders on sunday morning.
I remember it well
The 'tashe' seems still to be very much in vogue with Canadaian forces. Entering one of their bases is like (I imagine) walking into the Blue Oyster Bar.

On a side note I believe poo tashes are still sported occasionally usually discovered by unsuspecting victims as they awake and look in the mirror at reveille. These are usually brown and can look a little out of place if the recipient is lets say blond.


'taches.......worn by squaddies, coppers and gays.........and some comfortably shod wimmin.
The whole "clean shaved is best" thing is yet another New Liabor strike against liberty.

Just look at all the MPs who used to wear a beard/tash until Tones "anti-facial hair enforcement division got hold of them.

It is all a plot I tell you.

Mr Darling was his insistence on wearing a beard.
Commentators deemed facial hair to be not at all New Labour.
Rumours were rife that Mr Darling's whiskers were given their marching orders.
Remember that facial hair was worn by some of histories greats
Jesus, Santa Claus, Rasputin, Karl Marx, Abraham Lincoln, Adolph Hitler (Ok maybe not him), Me........ :D
If you look at any photo of a soldier up until the 2nd WW all of them had a g10 issue tash
I am pretty sure that, until the start of WW1, it was COMPULSORY for British soldiers to wear a 'tache.
Yep, it was a chargeable offence to shave the upper lip until c 1914. In Frederick the Great's Army and the Napoleonic Wars the less hirsuite used to draw ob taches with charcoal...


Now that set of joined under the lip sidies took me a week to grow, as a young buck I had a serious lack of facial hair till my mop went silver!
Come on show us what you've got or had or will get!
Wars are won or lost on the state of facial hairiness:

Agincourt - bunch of hairy peasants, each with a healthy serf's beard, kecks around their ankles and standing in their own choleric filth take on the might of the clean shaven french aristocracy and beat them soundly.

Waterloo, man grips aplenty on both sides and scary looking bearded blokes with axes wandering around the FEBA. Result? A close run thing. Luckily Wellington had a healthy set of buggery collective/cyclic controls and the prussians had speant most of the day grooming their comedy taches before weighing in on our side, so we carried the day.

Rorkes Drift - the might of Harlech's hairy lip stands defiant before a bunch of baby-faced wogs. And carry the day once again.

Balaclava. Cardigan's trimmed sidies versus a bunch of beardy roossian gunners. Ooops

Boer War, A bunch of unkempt colonials with facial fair matted with dust take on our neatly coiffed victorian moustachio'd regiments. They cause some damage too the blighters.

Second World War - Mahusive berets and bullish generals with great taches, take on a gay little tache the size of a postage stamp.

Malasia, Aden, Iranian Embassy, and The Falklands. the Gringo Tache reigns supreme over johnny foreigner.

GW1 - Big glasses and Freddy Mercury taches take on squinting Iraqis.

Telic, taches frowned upon by the brits, Johnny Dibdab learnt from last time and grew some man hair and imported spunk deflectors from Syria and Iran. Outcome TBC.


Ugly......are you a Bank Robber? You and Medman want to start a 'firm' together, in Sarf Lahdan mate. Couple o' blags and you'll 'ave yourseves a few fahsand pahnds.

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