Grow a tache....

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Capt Cheeky, Aug 28, 2003.

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  1. Too true, I miss those bushy halcion days

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  2. Taches are so last season

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  3. I'm female and I think they make men look more distinguished

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  4. I'm female and I'll give it a go myself

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  5. Death to the tache long live the razor

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  1. Having seen the decline of the Moustache in the UK armed forces over the past fifteen years (was a pad brat before joining the TA) I feel its time for a comeback...

    I was recently informed of a charity 'tache growing scheme and will attempt to help out the aforementioned charity to the best of my ability,

    Point to note, whatever you or anyone else says I will NOT be sporting one akin to these chaps....

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Ahem. :?

    Go on get that tache growing and support a charity while you're at it...

    For more info go to ...

    Go on even Grant Mitchell's at it!
  2. [​IMG][​IMG]

    mmmm ...gets my vote everytime :p :wink:
  3. Unfortunately, Mrs G3 is not keen on the tache. I started to re grow one whilst out in Oman. Trouble was I kept chopping the edges off whilst shaving out of habit. It was either have a tache like Mr Ee-by-gum (Mugabe to non Private Eye readers) or give up. I gave up.
  4. but who wants to look like a pouf or a para nco ?the only type of people who think taches are cool .
  5. Ah but this is in the name of charity old bean! Put your insecurities and discriminations aside and join our bushy brethren!

    Just look at the vote for Gods sake! 'Taches are back!
  6. Woody I am neither a Puff nor a Para. My moustache has graced my upper lip for more than 30 years, sometimes walrus like (excellent for savouring Guiness sometime after the event) nowadays (on the orders of Mrs 'Ayatollah' Mushroom) short and bristly.

    Get yerself one.
  7. That's the spirit! Have you visited the Tachback site some quality celeb tache pics!
  8. live in brighton way too risky to grow one even for a good cause :roll:
  9. especially if you are a biker and have handle bar 'tache , you would look straight out of village people mmmm

    o/ o/ o/" i said young man ! go there ! its fun to stay at the YMCA " o/ o/ da da da da :lol:
  10. landie

    Tacheback link appears not to be working :(
  11. Now working :D
  12. woody is trying to grow a "war tache"
    more of a moulting caterpillar at the moment though :twisted:
  13. Unlike the Flashy who has facial hair that would make Lemmy from
    Motorhead look like he has a poor case of bum fluff above his top lip.


    Heres a piccie of Flashy from the archives, basic training, 1931. Flashy is second from left.


    Taches are great!
  14. Taches are useful. They feel really good when you're been rimmed by a bootie.
  15. just an update on woody is now trying and failing to grow a "war tache" now off somewhere hot and dry doe'snt look much like a para nco so that leaves just one other option :twisted: