Groups problems

I don't know if it applies to all groups, but the C&CC group has lost quotes and (I think) links.

Oh, and likes don't seem to work either. ;-)
Bump please.

Still no workee :)
Ahhh... getting this working in groups was a custom hack, not standard functionality, and has clearly been lost. I'll check it through.

Group issues still seem to be persisiting. Quotes don't appear in the correct format, emoticons have failed and there are no likes.

Any time frame for a resolution please, bosses?
iOS app on iPad or iPhone doesn't permit access to Groups. Not sure if this is a fault or the facility just doesn't exist yet. Quote tags and smilies still not functioning in C&CC Group. A 'like' button would also be nice.
Good do see proper technical jargon being used

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The proper technical term is "XXX has shat itself".
Hello, is anybody listening? It's all dark in here.

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