Group Claims 3 GIs Killed Over Rape-Murders

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chief_Joseph, Jul 11, 2006.

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  1. I call bs. They would have said that before if this were true. They did not. The soldiers changed out of their uniforms, and as a result, both local eye-witnesses (including relatives of the family) and US Army investigators initially thought it was an insurgent attack. Also, the girl's own family has been openly cooperating with the US Army investigators in this case. However, I'm not truly qualified to anylize the situation, what do you guys think?
  2. Much prefer to let the legal system take its course.
  3. I agree that its bulldust CJ. Also, it's interesting that the insurgent group felt the need to claim the link - are they feeling the pressure of international disgust at their actions?
  4. Al-Qaeda linked group? It is very easy to brand any ingurgent group as 'al-Qaeda linked'

    Link between the rape and murders and the deaths of 3 GIs. Likely it exists. Because it is a first case (as I remember) then coalition soldiers were mutilated.

    Why the insurgents has claimed about it only now? Rape of a young girl is a very sensitive matter. Even its mention without permission of relatives would be a violation of local customs (maybe). Now the relatives cooperate with American investigators and it is in fact an indirect permission.
  5. My own experience (long while ago) includes investigating murders of troops by Arabs (Egypt). It was not an unusual feature to fnd sexual mutilation. That it has not been previously mentioned in Iraq may be to spare the relatives. I would call tearing bodies apart and hanging them from a bridge multilation and beheading must be close to it.
    Where di the opinion about keeping rape quiet come from? The "dishonour" likely to be balanced by chance to get a few quid. Whether the insurgents did what they claim is immaterial. Most locals will believe them. Most will see it as a proper thing for the 'terrorists' to have done as retribution. Even if this draws one new recruit to their cause, it was an expensive night out. It might also help our side - troops to remember that what they do will have consequences - what goes around etc. My little bit of beasting some Arab leads to some other soldier being shot.
  6. I don't know if the locals really trust insurgents. My friend wrote a bit about the things some of the elders said about the insurgence in his are of operations . Of course locals are different everywhere. Every town, every neighborhood has it's own dynamic.
  7. Not the first case of US forces being mutilated in attacks. I can recall one incident near Fallujah in Jun/Jul 2004.
  8. Who gives a toss what reason the terrorists use to justify their acts. Next you will be telling me the Gerry and Martin are politicians and not terrorist scum who should have been slotted years ago.
  9. Who gives a toss what reason the terrorists use to justify their acts. Next you will be telling me the Gerry and Martin are politicians and not terrorist scum who should have been slotted years ago.
  10. And the locals tend to say what they think the listener would like to hear. Just read back about how nice the old man in 'ghan seemed to the female reporter immediately before directing them onto a non-existant bridge and a Tali ambush.
  11. I'm sure that some of us remember the murder and mutilation of three of our brethren in the early years of NI. PIRA are the same as the rest of the terrorist scum. Slot them fast and without mercy.

  12. As I remember mudered 4 were civil contractors and didn't belong to US forces. Stricktly speaking it was not mutilation, rather abusing of dead bodies that I unconditionally condemn. The death must be respected. Abusing of dead body is absolutely unacceptable. Btw, the video presented by News of the World showed a British soldier that kicked a head of dead Iraqi. Was the soldier at least disciplined?

    As for so called 'beating' then rather Iraqi youngsters got a good lesson but kicking of dead body... It is a shame for British army likely the best in the World.
  13. Part of the problem is they were both .Killing them though satisfying would only put another face to negoiate with.
    pity the yanks cant hand their soldiers over to local authorities if anyone deserves beheading on the internet they do .
  14. It is but lets not forget that the Russians were quite fond of it during WW2 as well!
  15. My concern now is that they now have yet another flag to rally around and will have carte blanche to kill and dismember coalition troops (Though The Times report I read was that they will kill 10 Americans for the crime) and the locals will see it as justice. I am incredibly urined off in the fact that US soldiers raped a woman and murdered her family in cold blood. It's own goals like this that will loose us the war, as all coalition forces will be seen as infidels who should be treated as animals by Joe public.

    In comparison to NI, do you remember when Howes and Woods the two scalies were dragged out of there car, tortured and then shot (All within shouting distance to the SF) this was caught on TV. I remember that there was condemnation from both sides of the fence (Prod and Catholic) in how they were treated. Now in Iraq do you hear any of the locals? No. The reason? Because of the crime, which they feel this type of retribution is justified. I feel that the scum bags that did do the crime should now also be tried for the murder of these three soldiers. In fact send them to an Iraqi prison, maybe that'll keep the locals happy.

    I know that the insurgents are using this crime as an excuse, we know it is crap so do they. But the average Iraqi won't see it like that. Why are they getting this type of propaganda handed to them on a plate. You also have to bear in mind that this news doesn't just go Iraq but every other place in the Mid East.