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Does anybody know if it is possible for a Group B Officer to go on ops if they want to? Is it possible to get an attachment to a regiment on ops?
No I think that is the whole point of the Group B listing. Presumably you are UOTC/Cadets (not sure of any Group B's in TA proper) so the powers that be in those units would not allow you to go. A full TA unit obviously would but they would require you to move up to Group A. I think it's a case of deciding what you want and then staying with it, not having the best of both worlds.
I personally know two Officers from an OTC who have done tours wearing the OTC Capbadge.

One was a 6 month mob tour in Bosnia, and the other was a 2 year FTRS in Cyrpus.
Well I never... I stand corrected. Can I ask what role they performed out of interest? Also if you can't say on here, could you please PM which OTC (out of interest).
Also the GAP year commission falls under group B classification and I know a various characters that have done tours.
Although unusual to see them as anything other than Pl Brew Meister.
The paperwork is supposed to prevent this, but can be waivered with the CO's discretion
As far as I’m aware the GYC doesn't fall under the Group B/A categorisation as it is technically a commission in the regular army albeit a limited one in which the individual is not intended to go on ops.

On the OTC side I know of an officer who mobilised straight out of the OTC. But he was required to transfer into the mobilising TA unit prior to deployment and do his special to arm training. As far as I remember there was a problem at Chilwell which resulted him being sent home for a few days because his transfer to type A had yet to come through. A point to note: he was also used as something of a supernumerary on the tour due to lack of experience. If your keen to mobilise transfer into a local TA unit and go from there, if you want to stay with the OTC at the same time I found that both units were most accommodating, although it does require a lot of time and commitment to do both.
Gents, the rules are quite clear on this and have recently been reinforced by a DIN on the matter of confirmation of commissions. Group B officers are not eligible for mobilisation. If a Gp B officer wants to mobilise for operations, he/she must first complete Weekend 4, Module 5 of the TACC and find a Type A Unit to accept him/her. APC will refer applications for mobilisation by Gp B and those who have not completed their probation back to RMAS for approval or confirmation of commission before forwarding the lucky individuals details to the TA & Res MCM Div.

Gap Year Commisisons are not to be deployed into an operational environment. RMAS will look at converting a GY to a Gp A commission on a case by case basis but the baseline rule is that the GYC holder should also complete Module 5 of the TACC.
Quite apart from anyhting that Private Pile has written, the whole point about there being different types of TA commissions is that there are different liabilities for call up attached to them.

If you are a Gp B officer, and you want to go on operations, then get yourself converted and take the opportunity of deploying on operations along with the liability for further call up. Don't try and get round the system - if you're up to it then just do it!

I'm sure that you'll fiund being a Gp A officer far more rewarding than being a Gp B officer - quite apart from anything else you'll end up belonging to a better part of the TA!
Speaking as the supernumerary subbie I applaud any Group B officer trying to get on tour. The best (and only) bet is to transfer to a "proper" TA unit ASAP and keep an eye on: for opportunities. The advantage of this is that in the end you will be a type A (I presume:) subbie in your regiment or corps with operational experience as you take over your troop or platoon.

Yes I did have my problems at chillwell because of my type A/B but the admin staff at RTMC were excellent at sorting it out.

As for being the tea monkey, six months is a long time and I got to see and do some memorable things.

Feel free to PM me jjgg.
You too bugle.

You can't get a job without experience and you can't get experience without a job.

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