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Discussion in 'Officers' started by DOGboys, Jan 15, 2007.

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  1. hi, i need some questions answering concerning Group B commisions. i am at uni at the moment and am in the OTC.

    if i go for a group B comission, once i leave uni will i be able to transfer to my local TA unit, whilst retaining my Group B status? (no OTC in my home area) or would i have to change to a group A? is that allowed, or would i be stuck as a group B officer with the nearist unit 40-50 miles away?
  2. Why would you want to stay group 'B'? Group A is where the larger bounty and proper jobs are. If you had some issue where you'd be unable to commit, you can be on the Unposted List A and still train with a local unit but be on the 'books' of the General List.
  3. a couple of reasons;

    firstly i don't perticularly want to get posted,

    secondly, i don't know if i have the time as a student to forfill the responsablities needed for TA,

    and thirdly i was an ACF cadet for 5 years, and one of the things i engoyed most was instructing, and i was hoping to take it up again at OTC.(at least untill the end of uni)
  4. Sorry.

    I can't think of any TA unit that would want you under these conditions. Moreover (and this is particularly personal gripe), 'instructors' who instruct as an indulgence of their own ego rather than from the basis any worthwhile experience - or even solidarity with their audience in the event experience has not been possible to obtain - would not be welcome in any TA unit I had any say in either.

    Stay in the OTC or join the ACF as an adult instructor.
  5. Death or Glory Boys:
    1 I thought you wanted options for after you've graduated? So why does it make any difference if you don't have time as a student?
    2 I'd change your user-name - it sounds a bit hollow when you don't want to deploy
    3 ACF is more your thing - Dilfor's right.
  6. I would be careful of saying you are "going for a Group B commision". Whether it is a Group A or Group B commision you still have to pass all the modules of the TA Commisioning course including RMAS and the AOSB (TA). AOSB are likely to question you on your reasons for applying for a commision and what you intend to do in the long term. It is not as simple as "going for it".

    I am not sure I understand why you think you want to stay as Group B. You mention not being posted. Basically once you join a particular TA unit you can't be posted without you applying for the job. It is not like the Regular Army where APC post you.

    However leaving that aside your choices on leaving university if you have attained a TA Group B (OTC) commission are;

    Resign your commision.

    Transfer to an ACF commision if thats what you really want to do.

    Look for a TA Group A unit to join. Most units are short of 2 Lts so you should be in a good position to have a choice of units depending on where you live. Your OTC should help you find a suitable unit and facilitate you meeting them before you leave the OTC - there is lots of stuff elsewhere on here about the TA Sponsored Officer scheme - this is exactly what this is for.

    Your OTC will normally allow you to stay on their books for a reasonable period of time whilst you are finding a unit to join, although it is best if you can do this in advance.

    You do not necesarily need to find a unit in your area. Several TA units recruit on a nationwide basis, such as TA RLC at Grantham and the Joint CIMIC Group. Some of those units have a reduced training commitment.

    I would go and talk to your OC who should be able to explain all of this to you in more detail.
  7. Firstly, Dilfor i know exactly what you mean about instructer's.

    i've seen so many that just do it because they love the sound of their own voice or get-off on people listening to them. but a worse crime than that is the ones who don't having a f***ing scooby's what their talking about and are just speaking bollocks.

    thats not what i was about, corny as this sounds, i liked explaining things
    so that they could understand better. i got satisfaction from making lessons enjoyable and informative. (told you it was corny)
  8. i am seriously considering my options, and your right stabtastic about 1.

    2. its not that i'd never put myself forward for posting just not in the imidiate future. The name, comes from my old ACF unit and is purely a acnolagement to what i experianced there.
  9. Death or Glory in the ACF?
    Never mind, I'll move on..

    It sounds like you're very young and don't really know what you want - am I right? I think you need some sound advice and a good old sit down with your PSAO/whatever OTCs have these days - especially about commission types.

    More important though, is a good hard think about why you want to be an officer and what it actually means. And I don't mean 'for you', but for your blokes, particularly when you find yourself on ops. Sound far-fetched? Never happen? I know a young man who transferred from OTC to TA infantry after passing TCB and was then commissioned. He then found himself as one of my platoon commanders in Basra. He had to have a day's leave of absence from his mobilisation training to attend his own graduation... think about it.

    If you decide that all you want is to instruct - and fair enough, if that's what you enjoy - then neither Group A or B are your thing, and you'd be best off as an adult instructor in the ACF.

  10. If you want to be just an instructor, join the ACF. TA and Regular officers command and lead. A part of that role is training, but as an officer, it is just as much about organising great training using the instructors available within your platoon or company, as it is delivering training in those subjects in which you are qualified and competent to instruct.

    As an officer you will not, therefore, find yourself teaching SAA. You have JNCOs with much more training and experience than you to deliver those subjects. Similarly, although there are training postings available to officers within the TA, for example, the RTC, the requirement is for experienced, capable and proven platoon / troop commanders, who will instruct on the basis of their knowledge and experience.

    In summary, a good officer will be a good instructor, but just because you give can an interesting lecturette, that won't make you a good officer. If you want to be involved in TA soldiering post-university, focus on learning your craft as an officer, the opportunities for instruction will follow.
  11. BTW, before anyone else tells you, part of being a good officer and an instructOR (plus, dare I say it, a university graduate) is good standard of written communication. Spelling, punctuation, grammar and use of capitals all count.
  12. I am very much in two minds about it. Part of me wants to have the old days back and become as an instructor, because i know im good at it and know i enjoy it. On the other hand i would love to gain the skills and challenges needed to command. Its something im going to have to think about.

    The spelling ect is because of my dyslexia, although i know that isn't a good enough excuse for the army.

  13. You will never know if you don't try, I'd go down the mainstream route. If you find it is not for you, you can always return to the ACF, better for the experience. There is nothing worse than always wondering about might have been.

    Be prepared for it to be a bit difficult at first. As with all YOs, you will probably be used to being on top of the pile in the ACF / UOTC, whereas as a brand new 2Lt in a mainstream unit, you will definitely be the FNG and can expect a steep learning curve for a year or two.

    BTW, don't worry about dyslexia, it is not a bar to being a good officer. You have probably had loads of advice already, but you should be aware that the local AEC can often help out on that score. Our local AEC helps out with the TA as well as the Regular Army.

    Good luck.
  14. From 01 Apr 07 doen't the new Length of Terms of Service for Officers blow away the Type A and B commissions? I though everyone just has a the new 'Commission' and its terms of service or can apply to join on their next promotion.

  15. Never seen that acronym. Meaning?