Group 2 Redundancies (CAMus) abandoned

Latest briefing note (dated 21 Nov 05):

The decision to implement a limited redundancy programme was based on the structural needs of the Army and focused on meeting the Future Army Structure (FAS) 2008 manning requirement for the Infantry, CAMUS and Army as a whole. The programme was split into two groups: Group 1 involved Infantry officers and Group 2 involved Infantry soldiers and CAMUS officers and soldiers.

The requirement for Group 2 redundancy has been re-examined. A refinement of manning requirements and a challenging recruiting environment have resulted in future manning forecasts indicating that FAS 2008 structures in both the Infantry and CAMUS can be met without a need for further redundancy.

121 officers were selected for redundancy in Group 1. Having been re-examined, Group 1 redundancies are still required to meet FAS 2008 manning requirements in the Infantry. Otherwise commission conversion opportunities (from IRC to Reg C) for Infantry officers would need to reduce by up to 50% and recruit inflow for officers would need to be cut to reduce overall strength. Those being made redundant will be discharged between April 2006 and March 2007.
There's a surprise. Anyone else seen the recruiting numbers just out? Not too hot.

PS think there may be a little shortfall in inf SO2s in both near and mid term too....oops.

Ah thank you for that, Donny.

I was wondering why someone in MB had such bad feeling towards the value of labour and the myth of Sisyphus... :D

Yep - I know where my coat is, thanks.

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