Grounds to Decline a SFA (Married Quarter)

I have recently been offered a Quarter which for various reasons I do not wish to accept. Area/distance to work being the main ones. Before I start looking into the procedure on Mon when I can get my hands on a JSP does anyone know what reasons or grounds I have to give to decline the offer?

Also what happens if there is no alternative or we are forced to decline the other 2 offers?

Any details or advice would be greatly appreciated.
The rules are as detailed below. If th accn you have been offered is not up to scratch, and there is no imperative to vacate your current accn, then refuse the quarter and go on the waiting list. Top tip - tell them which street/type of house you prefer - you then stand a good chance of getting what you want.

Refusal - If you refuse the offer because it is not to entitlement, the offer will be discounted and another made within the 15 working day period (if there is time remaining) or at the earliest opportunity thereafter. If you refuse the offer for personal reasons, your application will be placed on the waiting list until a property closer to your requirements becomes available. However, please be aware that your application will then be held at a lower priority and will not be subject to the requirement to give you a provisional address within 15 working days.

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